This is the funnyest thing I've seen all day...

How YOU doin’?

It’s ingenious in its simplicity.

It’s so funny I want to show my friends, but at the same time I feel slightly embarrassed to do so…

Bah, this site is 10.32 times funnier. Penguin

Sorry, DreadCthulhu. 'Da bunny site is funnier by at least 3.64 per cent.

Keep poking.

I’m going for the bunny. It’s freaking hilarious.


Wow! Y’all aren’t going to believe what happens when you poke it over 7152 times…

I know lieu I know.

Impressive, isn’t it.

Hey, I SAID I wasn’t going to be able to leave my office…

…that scared me so much the first time I did it…^^() It’s fun, though…pokepokepokepokepoke

penguin’s funnier.

It won’t work for me! :frowning:

This Page Cannot Be Displayed.


Guin - do you have the latest shockwave? (you need it.)

The penguin is better, simply because I get more than one reaction to the pokepokepokepokepoke…

Please tell me I’m not the only one that tried to make techno beats out of the two different poke sounds? The bunny sounds just like a bass drum and the penguin sounds just like some kind of synthesized techno… thing. (Poke.)