This Just In...Fox New Channel is bunch of lying fucks

Ah. A Whig. Why am I not surprised ?

You’ve got a funny way of spelling “Scotch,” but … :wink:

Jim Acosta details the Faux News bullshit about Biden and red meat bullshit, and Kamala Harris and immigrant children being provided her book bullshit by calling the latter story “bullshit”, and Faux News a “Bullshit factory” live on the air…

5-1/2 minute video

Fareed Zakaria called Trump a bullshit artist (on air) way back in 2016 early in his campaign.

My news feed is currently displaying two news items about a pedestrian bridge that opened in Portugal.

NPR’s headline: Portugal Opens World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
FOX News’s headline: Stomach-churning pedestrian bridge opens in Portugal

NPR reports an architecture marvel. FOX News reports an inconvenience in a non-US country.

FOX News reporting is not just the lies. It’s interjection of negativity in general, of which lies are just one facet.

Did you look at that bridge? It’s 1/2km long and suspended fifty stories over a river. I can see calling that stomach churning for some.

There, you made me defend Fox :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Video here:

In that case I don’t think it’s a lie though, it’s just a more sensational headline. It’s more likely to grab someone’s attention. In that sense it’s more successful.

I’m not going to call Fox’s approach worse, just different. In this example at least.

To be honest, I’m surprised to see them report on anything outside the US that isn’t a terrorist attack, pandemic hotspot etc.

As I’ve said before, a surprising amount of right wing talking points can be debunked by just pointing out that other countries exist.
An awareness of cool architectural features being built elsewhere runs the risk of showing their viewers that there’s a whole world out there, and most of it is not looking enviously at the US.

Granted, it’s minor compared to Fox’s enabling of Giant Spoiled Baby Trump, but they dismissed this architectural accomplishment as “stomach-churning.” After sucking on Trump’s toxic fatness like desperate baby goats, this is what makes them queasy, something one of them furriner countries built. Wouldn’t wanna go there, ah-hyuk.

So, FoxNews is owned by billionaires who hire millionaires to explain to the middle class that it’s poor people who are stealing their money.

Or, in picture form:


Those lazy freeloaders are sucking up all our welfare and free school too!

Jus’ you keep the gubmint’s grubby hands off mah Maw’s social security and Medicare! No socialism for Real 'Merkins like us!

Tucker Carlson’s antivax rants are so moronically over-the-top and blatantly false that even his colleagues at Fox News are getting fed up.

Carlson is either extremely stupid or a devious shithead playing for ratings. Evidence strongly suggests the latter.

The Daily Show has played several clips of Tucker Carlson “just asking questions” about the vaccine (“Is the vaccine safe?” “Why do they want you to get it?” Etc.). And then Trevor Noah pointed out that Tucker Carlson hosts a news program on, supposedly, a news network. So why is he asking questions instead of providing answers to his audience?

Heh, that’s cute that you think that Fox is a news network. :wink:

But yeah, it’s simply plausible deniability. “I didn’t say that the vaccine wasn’t safe. I just asked if it was.”

There was a numberphile, of all channels, that kinda touched on this sort of topic.

Best to watch to get a better explanation, but the gist of it is that if you are just briefly exposed to some information, you may thing, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” But if you actually think about the information given, then you quickly see holes in it.

So, “Is the vaccine safe?” That’s a good question, I don’t know if it is, maybe I shouldn’t get it. (not my thoughts but those of a potential viewer.)

“The vaccine is not safe.” That’s a statement. Then I ask, “What is unsafe about it? Does your argument that it is not safe hold up under scrutiny?”

I wonder if he even gives one tiny shit that his bullshitting “just asking questions” act that he plays on-air is going to lead to the death of some of his viewers. That he’s directly causing someone’s death.

Does this bother him? Or is it like the old saying:

Q. “My God man, how do you sleep at night?”

A. “On silk sheets, thanks for asking”

Well, he’s already wealthy, so he’s not doing it for the money.

I honestly think that he does do it because he’s actually a psychopath that wants to hurt people, and doing what he does hurts as many as possible.

In my experience, the wealthy never think they are wealthy enough. They are using the money to fill a huge empty hole in their lives, and there isn’t enough cash in the world to fill a cavity that large.

Fox News does have news on their network. It’s often not great but there are news programs. Often those news programs directly contradict the BS being spouted by their commentators, and it can lead to on-air conflicts. Don’t forget that the Trumpies got pissed off and attacked Fox for daring to say true things about the election.

That being said. Tucker’s show isn’t a news program. It’s a talk show and current affairs program. It does somewhat masquerade as a news program when it gets into analysis of issues, but it’s not making any attempt at real journalism. It’s mostly a vehicle for opinion, both Tucker’s and those of his guests.

It’s also a steaming pile of shit, sometimes one that is actually dangerous in the misinformation it portrays, and it’s a blight on cable. And it has broken cable viewership records recently, which illustrates some real problems in this country.

FYI, here is a YouTube clip of a segment from The Daily Show putting together Tucker asking questions and answering them, in Jeopardy! fashion.

Yeah, but his salary is peanuts next to his fortune.

The huge empty hole in his life can only be filled by the suffering of others.

Yeah, it was just meant as a joke. I also don’t think that @Dewey_Finn actually thinks that Tuck’s program is news.