This question is hard to summarize in one line. It's about succession

True, but virtually the first thing he did upon becoming king was to marry Richard’s sister, Elizabeth of York, to strengthen his future heirs’ claim to the throne.

That didn’t stop Canute. (These days historians spell his name Cnut, but those of us prone to typos prefer Canute. :wink: )

Elizabeth of York was the eldest daughter of Edward IV. Richard III was the brother of Edward IV. This makes Elizabeth the niece of Richard III.

That’s what comes of posting from memory. I stand corrected. But my point is still valid - Henry was insecure about his claim to the throne (he belonged to a line that had been specifically debarred from succeeding to the throne by Parliament), so marrying Elizabeth was a sort of insurance policy for his children.

Also, in both Norway and Sweden nowadays, they’ve abolished the males having higher status than females-now it’s the oldest child, regardless of sex. In Sweden this was applied retroactively to Crown Princess Victoria, and her brother, the former Crown Prince. In Norway, however, they just grandfathered it in-Crown Prince Haakon is still next in line, even though he has an elder sister. But his eldest child, Princess Ingrid, is next in line, above her younger brother.

There’s talk of doing that in Spain, after Juan Carlos dies and Felipe becomes King. Elizabeth has also expressed interest in this in the UK, IIRC.

Canute wasn’t part of the Wessex line, aka “Anglo-Saxon Kings of England”