Thomas Sowell goes to the movies

Would that we could. So much darkness and horror crammed into a mere eight years.

I’m not sure what “game” we’re playing. I was making a semi-sarcastic remark about how (IMO) calling Thomas Sowell an extremist might be pretty reasonable. I’m not making any point about Bush.

I think I get it- you’re trying to say “but Democrats said bad things about Bush too, so it can’t be ‘extreme’” (or something like that). As if that’s relevant to talking about Thomas Sowell.

I’m not normally a fan of Piers Morgan, but I loved the interview he did with D’Souza a couple of weeks back. At one point Morgan asked him just what Obama had done to erode the special relationship between Britain and America. When D’Souza mentioned Obama removing Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office, Morgan basically told him “Are you kidding me?”

Did you forget what you typed out? You didn’t just say “Sowell”. You said, and I quote, “In the modern Republican Party…”. And if you’re going to play this game, then it’s only fair to point out that Republicans are just engaging in the same kind of rhetoric that was aimed at Bush.

Only in the sense that AIDS is the same kind of thing as gonorrhea.

Ok, I wasn’t being entirely serious. But you’re still playing the “two wrongs make a right” fallacy. And I think Sowell is an extremist, or he’s not a serious person. And it’s not ridiculous to extrapolate “dictatorship” from “military coup”.

The really hilarious thing is that it is Dinesh D’Souza who advocates craven surrender to a particularly noxious type of Third World values.

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Knock it off.

You may be correct that your quote is the source of the opinion to which you are responding. On the other hand, since no source was provided, it would make more sense to ask for a source before deciding that the claim was a lie.

On the other hand:

Where should we be? Unless Mr. Sowell is posting on this board, I see no insults directed at another poster and no posts that would seem to indicate trolling.

Making snide comments about the Moderators when there has not even been a rule broken is hardly going to get us to Moderate posts just because you don’t like them.

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Is he an “unrepentant uncle tom” in the same way that Martin Luther King was a “house nigger”?

I assume since you seem to care so much about “the black race” that Malcolm X classified Martin Luther King as a house nigger?

Do you disagree with Malcolm X or do you think it was perfectly fair to classify Martin Luther King as a “house nigger”.

Similarly, there are plenty of African Americans who view Obama as a “house nigger” or “house negro”.

Do you think there’s nothing wrong with referring to Obama as a “house nigger”?

If not, please explain why you think it’s okay to refer to people as “Uncle Toms” but not as “house niggers”.

I was under the impression that the mods didn’t want people using racial slurs outside of the pit.

If it’s okay to use racial slurs to refer to Thomas Sowell, is it okay to use racial and ethnic slurs regarding other public figures.

For example would it be okay to refer to Barack Obama as America’s “house nigger” or to refer to Benjamin Netanyahu as a “Jewish dog”?

Because nigger has a value in the U.S. lexicon that is sufficient unto itself as a tabu word.

Now that you have exhausted your annual quota for posting the word nigger, do not continue this train in this thread. Uncle Tom is clearly an insult, but it does not have the same emotional weight as nigger; it is not worse than any number of insults hurled at various politicians (such as comparing Obama to Hitler or referring to someone as a Stalin or a Lenin or a Quisling).

Stick to the topic of this thread.

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Uncle Tom has a specific meaning that goes beyond mere racial epithets. If you had decided to make some point, here, (where it is not pertinent to the thread), you should not have tried to link it to phrases including “nigger” or “dog.”

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:rolleyes: I disagree with Thomas Sowell’s laissez-faire views personally but don’t be absurd. By this logic Black Muslims are Uncle Mohammeds in light of the extensive Muslim and Arab involvement in the slave trade in Africa.

I didn’t make reference to “niggers” but to “house niggers” which is a very different term and was used by many prominent African-American leaders, such as Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan.

The only real difference that I see between the term “Uncle Tom” and “house nigger” is that white people are far more comfortable using the term “Uncle Tom” then using the term “house nigger” though plenty of African-Americans have no issues with the use of the term “house nigger” or “house negro”.

Moreover, to most African-Americans, as far as I can tell, the terms “Uncle Tom” and “house nigger” are interchangeable so if it’s okay to refer to public figures as “Uncle Toms” shouldn’t it be okay to refer to them as “house niggers”.

Again, note that making reference to someone as a “house nigger” is not the same as calling them a “nigger” as Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan and countless others will testify.

Doesn’t the term “house nigger” make the same point and have the same meaning as “Uncle Tom”?

For example, here is a quote from Malcolm X, the second most popular African-American leader of the 20th Century.

You’ll notice that Malcolm X uses the terms “Uncle Tom”, “House Negro” and “House Nigger” interchangeably.

If you feel that it’s okay to refer to public figures as “Uncle Toms” then shouldn’t you also feel that it’s okay to refer to them as “house niggers”(which means the same thing) unless you wish to give a reason why you should be seen as a better proponent of what terms are and aren’t appropriate to use regarding African-Americans than Malcolm X, the most popular African-American leader of the 20th Century except for Martin Luther King.

Stop the hijack.

We disagree and this is not the thread to discuss it.

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I wasn’t trying to hijack the thread, but fair enough and respectfully you don’t just disagree with me, but apparently with countless African-Americans and African-American leaders who feel that “house nigger” and “uncle Tom” are interchangeable.

Moreover, with all due respect, I think it’s very presumptuous for white people to say they no better than than Malcolm X as to what are and aren’t acceptable insults to use against black people.

If you want to be Warned for continuing a hijack after being told to stop it three times, try once more.

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So what’s the basis for the book and movie? Conjecture? No inside information at all? Newt Gingrich played the Kenyan anti-colonial card for all it was worth, which turned out not to be very much.