Thufferin' thuccotash! Looney Tunes returning to Cartoon Network.

By eight years.

Nothing can be worse than the late 80s ABC edits. On a classic cartoon like Hare Trimmed, they actually took out the malleting of Yosemitie Sam! So the cartoon jumped from Bugs saying “one lump or two” to Granny walking in! Unbelievable.

Ha, I tuned in just in time to catch my beloved favorite, Duck Amuck, which is one of the funniest things on film, IMO. I have image grabs of Daffy from this 'toon at his most exasperated or overwhelmed, and use them to emphasize some e-mails that I send.

Saw the marathon this weekend, it’s always great to revisit the classics even though I’ve seen them so many times. They rarely get old.

I was wondering one thing though - in “Little Red Riding Hare” the character of Little Red Riding Hood is very specific in her annoying speech patterns, is that a parody of anyone lost to the ages? I always thought she was hilarious and kind of random.

“Heeey, granny! Those are awfully big ears for you…to have!”

Anyone know if that girl was referencing anyone, or just a funny character on her own?

“toy geek”

Yes, it was a reference to a radio personality. I don’t have the disc with me; the liner notes to That’s All Folks! Cartoon Songs from Merrie Melodies & Looney Tunes explain it. When I get home from work I will post it. This 2-CD set seems to be out of print, which disappoints me, as do the several bad reviews posted. I am going to get out my iPod right now and listen to it! I highly recommend this set and wish there were more.

OK, from Keith Scott’s essay “Who Was That Voice? Specialty Voices in the Warner Bros. Musical Cartoons,” included in the copious liner notes to the CD set I mentioned above:

Here is a Daley routine from YouTube, for comparison:

In 1999 Cartoon Network did a countdown of what it called “The 50 Best Cartoons of the Millennium.” Duck Amuck was #1 !!!

In fact, thirty of the fifty cartoons were Warner Brothers toons, and four out of the top five.

#1 Duck Amuck
#2 One Froggy Evening
#3 What’s Opera, Doc?
#4 Feed the Kitty
#5 The Cat Came Back (a Canadian cartoon)