Ties in Texas Hold 'Em

Yes, the burned cards are kept face down. A total of three cards are burned, one each before the flop, turn and river. Supposedly instituted as a way to defeat stacked decks.

Oh, is that an actual poker slang term? I didn’t know. From the context it seemed to me like you were just saying if there was an ace on the board a tie flush was possible. Ah well, if anyone else was unfamiliar with the term it’s clarified.

And since I just got washed out of yet another tournament I’m going to gripe about the beat for a moment. I have K-Q os in third position. One bet of T1000 in front of me. I call, another call behind me, everyone else folds.

Flop is K-J-2, no flush possibilities. Guy in front of me bets T1000. I figure him for a pocket pair because if he had trips I think he would have checked. I go all in for T6400 and he calls. He turns up Q-Q so not only do I have an overpair I have one of his two outs.

Turn is the 4th Q. I’m told my exclamation of “son of a BITCH!” could be heard in the parking lot. River’s no help and I’m gone.

What annoyed me most was a) he knew I had him beat on the flop and he called a T5400 reraise anyway and b) the cards were such that absent an all-in bet from him on the flop I was gonna go broke that hand no matter what. Alas, such is poker. At least such is poker as I’ve been playing it for the last two weeks.

this is not entirely accurate. I suppose if you’re playing in a friendly game, you can set you own rules, but in casinos the cards speak and you MUST make the best hand you possibly can.

An (admittedly farfetched yet still possible example):

A casino has a bad beat jackpot where both player’s two cards have to play in order to win the prize pool.

Player A has 2h, 3h.
Player B has 8h, 9h
The board is Ah, 4h, 5h, 6h, 7h

Now, both players have made a straight flush but only B can use both of his cards. As much as A would like to, he cannot use his 2h in the hand. He has a straight flush to the 7, not 6.

I was so happy about this, and I must share.

I was playing in a home game on Saturday night and the game was Texas hold 'em. With $10 sb and $20 big blind.

I was holding a King of Clubs and Queen of Clubs.

Flop comes Ace of clubs, Ace of hearts, and 10 of clubs. Turn was a 3 of diamonds. River was a Jack of Clubs.

Yeppers, I got a royal flush. The only guy to stay in had wired 3s, so he had a full house. I won $230. I was tingling.

According to the calculator your opponent only had a 4.24% chance of winning that hand after the flop.

Yep, I’d say Otto was on the receiving end of a huge suckout at the hands of those queens.

What? Just some perfectly innocent poker slang.