Time Zones

I agree that Central and Mountain Time Zones would have tobe used. At first there would be grumbling and problems but it would be no different than going from Daylight to Standard Time or vice versa.

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Daylight Savings Time was brought kicking and screaming into the world. There was major opposition to it from agricultural interests.

Changing to 2 time zones would meet heavy opposition in the West Coast. (I would think people in the Pacific Northwest would really hate it.)
People in California have started grass roots political campaigns to stop their area codes from changing. The time zone wouldn’t fall away without a major fight and the likely opposition from all 52 of California’s Congressional representatives.

I think in another couple of decades that we will all be using GMT. The businesses and schools will just adjust shift and school hours according to daylight. In another couple of decades everyone will be so used to the internet, most people will have grown up with it, that using GMT will be no big deal. I also think that by then television and the internet will be merged, or in the process thereof, and you will be able to watch most any program at most any time of day.

Oh and frankly, most farmers I know have absolutely no problem with daylight time.

Here in L.A., now that we’re on Standard Time again, the sun rises at about 7AM and sets at 5PM. If we went to Mountain Time (or simply stayed on Daylight-saving time), those times would be one hour later. (In fact, that’s what it was like just yesterday.) A 6PM sunset is okay, but an 8AM sunrise? Think of kids walking to school in the dark and you can see why that’s a bad idea. In fact, that’s why we go off DST in the winter in the first place.

And moving the clocks BACK another hour would mean a 4PM sunset. No thanks.

Frankly, I think we’re stuck with the four time zones we have.

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