Tiny, pretty little green flying bugs!

The flypaper you need comes in these little cylinders, they look like, oh, half a roll of Rolaids. They probably come on four packs. Costs about a buck fifty. You have to unwind them, but they come with a free thumbtack!

Word to the wise - if you, say, hang one up in the bathroom doorway to try to get your flies, and then forget about it and walk right into it in the dark and it’s all stuck in your hair and all and you’re freaking out because it’s gross gross gross and you rip it down trying to get free of it? If that happens, do not move your feet, because that free thumbtack is down there too and you WILL step on it. Just sayin’. Hurts like hell.

You may have to go to Wal-Mart to find flypaper, though, because for some reason the local grocery stores don’t want to think you have a big nasty fly problem.

Here is a reusable trick showed to me by an old greenhouse keeper. Paint a board yellow. When the paint dries, coat it with cooking oil, and hang it up where the bugs are. A surprising number of bugs are attracted to yellow, and they get stuck to the oil when they land. Every few days, wash off the dead bugs and recoat with oil.

Did any of these remedies work?