To what geographical area does the term "Eastern Shore" refer?

I grew up in Annapolis, and we referred to everything over the Bay Bridge as the “Eastern Shore.” But, if we were talking about Ocean City, we called it by name, or said we were going to the beach. Just my $.02.

And manhattan? 647 is right…it’s “You goin’ downy ocean, hon?” asked my my LOVELY relatives in Dundoik, near Balmer. sigh

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Okay - thanks everyone for the input – I think “Eastern Shore” is simply a vague term meaning anything on the other side of the bay. Perhaps my s.o. didn’t have a specific place in mind when he said “let’s go to the Eastern Shore.” We have just gone on the spur of the moment and explored, with no particular place in mind. He may have decided later he wanted to go to O.C.