Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Tank did we work together??? :slight_smile:

Seems like some of use have been on the other side of big fences.


tbone, why read the 900 page novel when i get the answer right here on straight dope? :slight_smile:

I doubt it Marvin; kinda hard to slip an M-1 Abrams covertly past a “Fence”; however, the units I was assigned to (Armored Cav) get to do a lot of “Forward” work, and as such I got to meet and work with all kinds of “unconventional” military types.

My current job still has me in contact with the military community on a day-to-day basis, and I still keep my ears open (you wouldn’t believe what some people will say when they think no one else is listening, or can understand!).


Has anyone played the game though?

Of course [we’ve played the game].

Thing is, the in game characters are pretty stupid. I’ll station on of my guys with a good field of fire, and when I switch back to him, he’s staring at the wall or his shoes, waiting for a bullet in the back of the head. They also have a tendency to rush into a room in one direction and get picked off one by one, though maybe I just wasn’t giving the right orders. Not to mention the terrorists seeing one of their dead buddies and thinking nothing of it.

I usually played it Doom-like with a single character, and one or two as separate teams in reserve.


tbone, why read the 900 page novel when i get the answer right here on straight dope?


microshroom - In general, why bother at all? I’m sure you will always find an easier option than doing anything yourself.


russell –
actually, posting on this message board has been by far the easiest. =)

Ooh! Me! Clive Cussler is my second favorite author, behind King. I’ve real almost all of 'em. I don’t know what makes the books so good to me. They all follow similar formulas, yet they’re not all the same at all.

My only connection to Rainbow Six has been the game.

I too find it frustrating how bad the artificial intelligence is. If you let a team go into a room on their own, they stand a fair chance of all being gunned down by the same shooter. I also find it frustrating when teammates have bunched behind me, and I throw a grenade, turn to run, and since they all follow in my footsteps and the grenades have such a short fuse, one of them always gets killed or wounded by my grenade. But that’s probably my fault.

That’s why you have your team hold at a safe distance while you go on ahead and toss the grenade. :slight_smile:

SWAT 3’s AI is way better anyway. I just wish the game didn’t run so damned slowly. :slight_smile: