Tooth Whitening and Dentists

Is there some particular reason that tooth whitening products

such as Day White EXCEL3 HAS to be dispensed by a

It’s not like people are eating the stuff…

If a person is happy with the product and has had no sensitivity or problems, it would seem to me something like this should be sold over the counter…

My dentist wants to charge for half an office visit before he will hand “the stuff” over.
This whole tooth whitening thing sounds like a scam to me…

On the discus Dental website they state:

ONLY your dentist can dispense this product…


WHY??? :mad:

I did email the company for an explanation and heard NOT a word…


You can buy 10% carbamide peroxide or its equivalent OTC. What you can’t buy are the thin custom fitted trays we make.

Your dentist charges for a separate fee for office time when you need a refill? Or for the time needed for a shade check? Wow.

If you are in the process of whitening all follow up visits for shade checks are included in the initial fee at my office, as is the cost of all the bleaching gel needed to get good results. If you need a refill of the gel for a touch-up later on the office fee is built into the refill charge.

I have the custom trays…

I never see the dentist, I just go to the office and pick up the kit when I need a refill, maybe twice a year so far ???

The charge for the refill is $ 36.00 then they want to charge me an extra $20.00 for God only knows what…

The receptionist told me the kit was $36.00
I just don’t understand WHY this product can’t be sold over the counter.

I like the results from DayWhite Excel 3… it actually whitens the teeth considerably after the first use but would rather buy it OTC.

Since ONLY DENTIST can “dispense it”, I can’t help but wonder if DENTISTS own this company…

I don’t know anything about this product, but is there any chance it could be dangerous. Could it eat away at your teeth if used to often? Or have some other nasty side effects? Maybe they want it to go through a doctor that way if you are harmed in someway you can’t sue them, just the doctor who wasn’t keeping tabs on his/her patients. OR, is it covered by insuarance? If it is then they may make it go through a doctor so they can bill the insurance company $100 kit instead of selling it to wal-mart for $12 kit.

Here’s three sites I found very quickly in a yahoo search. I didn’t go through the ordering process (I did on one until I needed a CC) but at least on these ones it didn’t appear as though I needed to be a doctor to order them. Just out of curiosity do any of them say anything about being a sample, or not for resale? I wonder if the doctor is selling free samples from a company rep???

Sorry one more post…I wonder if it either was a prescription item at one time (in which cases you have old kits) or it’s going to be a prescription item, and it just isn’t right now?

Try an electric toothbrush and baking soda twice a week. I’ve got all my teeth, no cavities and they are sparkling white. I use my Oral B rotating toothbrush once a week with a bit of straight baking soda and polish them suckers like silver. Rest of the time is regular toothpaste w/ b/soda and peroxide 2-3 times a day.

Last time I went to the dentist he said my teeth didn’t need cleaning. I told him to do it anyway. He was amazed at a 42 year old with perfect teeth.

:smiley: is a good site, although the legality of selling prescription goods over the web is still a little hazy. Stick with the 7.5% solution, the other will make you say, “OUCH!”

You do not need to do touch-ups as frequently as you seem to be doing. A few days every 1 or 2 years should be sufficient. And you are definitely using too much gel if you need a new kit every time. One syringe should be enough for the touch-up. The leftovers can be stored in the fridge.