Traditional ex-Presidential Cone of Silence vs Trump

It’s long been traditional that when a sitting President leaves office he (so far always “he”) retreats into silence for a year or two to let the new President have all the spotlight. IOW, no kibitzing.

Yes, the immediate ex- may be doing the lecture circuit, being a UN do-gooder, etc. But he’s affirmatively staying out of the day to day US news cycle. Note this has been true of both 1- and 2-term Presidents, so the silence is not merely about having no more worlds to conquer.

Let’s posit that Biden solidly wins the election, what grumbling there may be about fraud, unfairness, recounts, etc., quickly drops away, and the Presidency changes hands to Biden on Jan 20, 2021 as per normal.

Given Trump’s love of the spotlight, how does the next week, month, year look? Can he comply with tradition? Will he even bother to try? Or will he be a noisy gadfly all day every day?

If he does stay full engaged in the news cycle, what then? What can / should the sitting President do? What should the rest of the R party do?

Hopefully, he’ll be too busy tweeting about his loud flat neighbor Edward Snowden to pay much attention to Biden.

Whenever he tweets, search his cell, remove his contraband cellphone, and revoke his privileges.

But, assuming that things don’t go that direction, I also think that Twitter will do something about it. They would have banned him already if he were not president.

But, getting out onto social media, or onto Fox and OAN, I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say if given the platform. I think that even the most sympathetic outlets will get tired of him fast enough.

He’ll criticize everything Biden and the Democrats do and claim that he would have done everything better and sooner. Various right-wing media will report on this, and no one else with care.

So you are talking about presidential tradition and asking if a post -Presidency Trump will adhere to a tradition?




You’ll note I only asked the question; I didn’t give my answer.

You already know the answer.

Next week? I expect he’ll be whining within an hour.

In fact, I’ll be surprised if Trump appears at Biden’s inauguration. I expect him to leave town beforehand “in protest of the fake inauguration”. Trump might even try to draw attention back to himself by scheduling a rally at the same time.

Trump’s going to find that ex-presidents don’t get the same public attention that presidents get. Sure, he’ll stage rallies and give speeches and post tweets. But what he says won’t matter anymore. Most people will simply ignore him.

I dearly hope this is true. But, you can’t drive someone crazy that is already on the road to that destination (although that train stopped in the station a long time ago).

In between courtroom appearances and begging his ex-friend Putin for help, he can tweet all he wants to. Should be funny.

I think you mean begging his ex-friend Putin’s assistant vice-deputy secretary to please pass a message to Vlad and tell him Don called and really needs help and would Vlad please call back as soon as it’s convenient for him and anytime is a good time for Don.

Except, potentially, by various DAs.