Travel grants and Grants for a Car

Hi. Is there such a thing as grants you can use to travel with or commute with, and grants to buy a new car? If so, does anyone know where I can find any? Please let me know. Thank you. :smiley:

Is there such things as grants to buy a car with? I donโ€™t have money to buy a car and I need one.

If there are, it would seem no one here has heard of any.

Seems rather unlikely that someone would give you a grant to buy a car merely because you need one.

Yes. There are many, many in all types of locations. The application process is like many other types of grants. You apply and people managing the grants review your application and compare it against similar grant applicants. If you are chosen to be a grant recipient, you still donโ€™t get the money up front. Instead, you perform duties within the scope of expertise you outlined in your grant application. As you perform those duties, the granting entity feeds out money proportional to how your service in your area of expertise is performing and advancing. When enough money has been paid to you from your grant, you will be authorized to enter into contract for several different types of goods and services including motor vehicles to help you further your effectiveness in pursuing future grants.

Some of those charities that accept donated cars turn around and give them to people who need basic transportation. So check around in your area.