Trolls R Us redux

Now damuriajashi goes to pump racist argument against Hispanics and blacks to justify his position…

We used to have a thread about ‘regular’ Dopers who would occasionally go off the deep end, but I guess it got lost in the Board shift. This is more suited for that thread, but here goes:

Anyway, when I read the following in response to this and this I was like ‘WTF’, but when I saw it came from our staff ‘Republicans are fighting the coup, really guys!’ poster Deeg (who has spent the past month denying the obvious) I was like ‘lol’.

A story in 3 parts, with an exciting conclusion by @running_coach!

You know, looking at his posting history, Manwich’s radicalization obviously occured in the 6 year gap between 2014 and 2020, where a typical Doper sci-fi nerd who played Mafia in the Game Room turned into an America (especially Biden) bashing Leftist:


What is not really explained, however, is the rather obvious shift in writing styles. 2012 Manwich writes like a typical educated Aussie, with complete sentences and a consistent stream of thought:



Now? His tone is completely different, going from 2012’s matter-of-fact regular guy to 2020 Asshole of the Day:



I mean, dipshits gotta dipshit, but did he have to come back here?

I can’t tell whether that guy’s trolling or just in the process of a personal meltdown. Either way, he’s currently shitting up that thread something fierce.

Do you not know how to link to a goddamn post? What is this picture shit?

And I see nothing wrong with Manwich’s IRA post…

If you link to the post, then the poster knows you’ve done that. I’ve stupidly done that in the past and you end up getting the trolls over here trolling this thread. That could be @JohnT’s rationale.

Hey, fuckwit, I’m not interested in getting the other fuckwit here.

I don’t want to draw another fuckwit here either, so I’ll jut note that jtur88 is getting on my last nerve.

He brings no value to this board except as an example of an ignorant fuckwit.

MrDibble, I do apologize for my words above, I thought, after 7 months, this new format’s strengths and weaknesses were apparent.

I didn’t link to the post as I didn’t want the troll here. Nor did I tag him with an @. I also didn’t want to link to the OP saying ‘in post 243 of this thread, Manwich…’ as there’s no desire to make y’all constantly scroll.

Ergo: Pictures

Aah, I get it. Didn’t think about that. But it does make it difficult to view these in context. I know the context of the IRA one (hence why I don’t think it’s trolling), but that other one, I have no idea (although I assume the Stupid Liberal idea thread?)

Yeah, next time I take screenshots for this thread, I’ll make sure to incorporate the thread title in my cites.

He has his own thread.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. He is certainly earning his status as a troll.

eenerms is spouting all kinds of bullshit in the “Where draw the line? (on stigmatizing Trumpists)” thread and needscoffee had enough of it and almost drew a warning (probably should have drawn a warning, actually, but got two mod notes instead).

It’s difficult to respond to posters like eenerms in GD or P&E. I don’t think they’re trolling, actually, just totally misinformed and living in some right-wing alternate news reality.

Isn’t that half the point of the pit? To draw them onto an equal footing? If they get to the point where they are too abrasive to even deal with in the pit, then just ignore them.

The pit, sure. This thread, no! JohnT is posting in this thread and his actions are intended to not draw the fuckwits in to mess up this thread.

e.g.: azhat.

Yeah, that one was my bad. He’s the only poster on my ignore list now!

Anyone who does it long enough deserves a separate thread. What we don’t want is them arguing and continuing to troll in this thread.