Trolls R Us Resurrections

This would be far better in its own thread. Maybe leave off of it in this one?

Not official, though I did flag all 3 posts for Miller to review. He might spin this off if it continues or not. Not my decision.


I did originally say “isn’t the thread for (this) anyway”, so no problem.


Once in a blue moon…



I’m not yet convinced of trolling, but it’s a distinct possibility. I think this post, courtesy of @Temporary_Name, is a textbook example on how to feed a troll.

Notice first that we have a wall of text disproportionate to the post it is addressing. This is not a good thing for a few reasons.

  1. Effort imbalance. The troll has succeeded in wasting your time, if it was a troll.
  2. Too long didn’t read. The poster being responded to may be intimidated by the wall-o-text and not respond, even if not a troll. Depends on the poster.
  3. Effort imbalance II. The author of the wall-o-text may be annoyed that there is no response. Depends on the author.

I will say, however, Temporary_Name had a very nice and friendly tone. The members responding to gandrews3367 as if he were some alien specimen are jerks.

“Always interesting to hear these dispatches from Trumplandia.”

“Yeah, that’s a lot of misinformation in one post. It’s like talking to someone from North Korea or something, with the amount of falsehoods and propaganda that a North Korean has internalized.”

“Yeah, it is interesting how the board gets those “Trumplandia Dispatches” as andy calls them from time to time. I assume it’s a random Trumper who ends up here via some search engine or something, sees a political discussion and decide to just data dump all of this month’s talking points from Tucker Carlson. Most of the time I notice these sort never respond again, probably forgetting the board exists soon after posting and moving on to their next culture war front.”

Did you all forget you weren’t in the Pit or something? You all came across as a clique of snooty girls sitting in a treehouse, greeting the new kid with a snarky “I didn’t realize they let plebs in here.” “Oh, but they can be so interesting!” “But they never stay, what a shame.” :angry:


The poster you’re referring to prompted this thread in ATMB:

I’d say the comparison is apt.

Well that was quite a while ago wasn’t it. So, as it turns out the following was posted by a former Starbucks barista, concerning the old Pay it Forward thing. Beware of logic and apparently friendly gestures, kids.

"I just want to say publicly, as a former Starbucks barista of nearly seven years, since the current Starbucks employees can’t say it," she wrote in her public service announcement-style Facebook post.

"Pay it forward is extremely annoying and makes everything confusing. It makes it easy to hand out the wrong drinks and just sucks…Instead of paying for the people behind you, who can probably afford their own stuff since they’re in line intending to pay, tip the people making your drinks who have been understaffed for months."

That member’s vaccine information/misinformation is to be distinguished from his or her participation in P&E. IMO it’s harassment if people are following the poster across the board and commenting on what a queer member we have, (rather than replying to the substance of the posts in good faith, or not replying at all,) because of the unrelated vaccine issue.


I meant my post sincerely. It really is interesting to see what the hardcore Trumpists believe. It’s a window into a totally alien way of thinking (to me, anyway). I think it’s largely terrible, but a lot of terrible things are nonetheless interesting.

Getting a femmejean vibe from El_Deluxo’s latest OP, but it looks like they’ve been on the board since '07, which makes it less likely.

I have no doubt you do, but the substance of your post was basically shit. You called him/her out for posting misinformation, but instead of saying what it was that was wrong or acting to correct it, you’re just like, what an interesting specimen… by not addressing the person or substance of the post you were talking about, you belittled the poster as an object of interest rather than a person to hold a discussion with. And you made fun of their ideology to boot (“Trumplandia”, “bullshit”, “laughable”, and “sad” aren’t endearing terms).

It may be a troll after all, but it also could be a stranger in our lands.


I agree with everything you said aside from the first sentence. Snarking idiot posters is a sort of substance, even if it’s not your cup of tea, and it’s a big reason to be on the Dope. YMMV, but I see no obligation to be gentle with random idiots on the internet.

It would be fine if you had posted in the Pit. But you made a post that amounts to nothing but contempt and snark, directed at a (presumed) newbie, outside of the Pit.


AFAICT that kind of snark, when directed at posts rather than posters, is allowed even outside the Pit.

Allowed or not I think it makes you a jerk.


You are free to have such an opinion.

Obvious troll is obvious. It also started the thread Dave Chappelle is hilarious in CS. Started, and then never engaged beyond the OP even as there have been 90+ replies.

Given its join date, its relatively voluminous posting history over that short span of time, and its success at generating a massive response for minimum effort, I’d vote sock, too.

Dude, when you critique other peoples responses by saying completely opposite things (“Some of you didn’t bother to address the poster on the issues” and “You put too much effort into your responses so the poster is likely not going to read all that”)… especially when this critique is coming from Max_S, a poster well-known for his painstakingly detailed writing… all I have to say is maybe you’re becoming too invested in this place.

Not my fight, but if you think one of the most diplomatic, word careful posters here is a jerk, then you must admit that you’re kind of a dumbass.

I think it’s pretty much the signature of this particular dumbass not to know that he’s a dumbass.