Trolls R Us Resurrections

Two different socking incidents, handled by two different mods on the same day.
Not related to the best of my knowledge. I think that is all I should say.

Man. Well-established, active posters don’t get banned for socking very often. Twist!

Yeah, but Max is into polishing Republican turds. It’s his thing.

This does not match my experience in real life in all cases.

I understand that it is “safe” to bay at the moon on controversial topics when everything is anonymous, that one does not risk physical harm. But some people are fragile and for them to stand up and say something dear to their heart despite opposition is a remarkably difficult and brave thing to do. I do not claim that 3367 falls into this category necessarily, but for some it is quite a challenge to contradict others. In fact I know of some who would rather face physical harm than have to make an unpopular public pronouncement even if it is a core belief for them personally.

While your point that many abuse anonymity to promote very wrong minded positions is valid, all people are not the same. I truly believe that all generalizations break down at some point, and this particular one is viewed as much more universal than it actually is in real life. One brush and one color cannot paint the entirety of humanity in my view. (Well, I suppose it can- but it should not in my opinion.)

Thank You! That was just the response I was looking for!

I am sorry, but I am not familiar with the two terms that I bolded in the quotes above. It is obvious from context that they refer to some unacceptable behavior (or maybe state of being?) but I do not know what particular behavior. Would someone please clue me into the lingo? Feel free to add in other common terms that a guy who still has a flip-phone should know. (Chances are I don’t know those term either.)

Socking is the act of posting through an alternate account, a sock puppet. It’s a zero-tolerance offense against board rules.

A poster that appears to be both someone’s sock puppet and posting just to get a rise out of people (i.e. trolling) is a troll and a sock, or trock for short.

Try this glossary for common terms. And though “trock” isn’t listed there, it’s someone who is both a troll and a sock.

My thanks to you both. Upon seeing the answer it is so obvious that I should have figured it out myself – but I promise I never would have. (Especially the combined one!)

And now I have a whole other thread to pursue!

Not every sock is a returning bannee. Sometimes an established poster just creates a backup presence (for whatever purpose, I can’t speculate). I’m sure that those are rarer, though.

We’ve got 10 asahis (i.e. emotionally fragile and mentally borderline equivalents) for every slightly tone deaf Max S. Maybe we can take it down a notch and not blast every slightly opposing view from orbit?

Ferchrissake… Max S. wasn’t even defending 3367’s positions. And I never would have made the time or effort that Temporary_Name made in responding to 3367. It was quite clear from the start that it was done through sheer force of will and gritted teeth. But it was refreshing that someone tried, just for a fucking change of pace.

I’m done with appeasing enablers. I’m not in favor of banning contradicting viewpoints but I’m not going to make any effort to make those people feel good about themselves, must less encourage them to stick around.

And before you try to “both sides” this, I have a challenge. Find me ONE conservative message board or forum that welcomes or even tolerates liberal viewpoints as a matter of stated policy.

I bet you can’t. I’ve looked. They all have rules like “no calling other conservatives names” or “no bashing conservative views”. That’s why the conservatives whining about how “this board is a liberal bubble” can go fuck themselves.

Ann, you know I love ya (or if you don’t I need to up my game — but that’s another conversation). But, as great (articulate, thoughtful, and readable) as your posts are, I often find myself maddeningly distracted by your tendency to grant the descriptor of “conservative” to reactionaries whose actions and blather are as radical as anything Abby Hoffman ever did.

To be sure, it’s not just you. You just strike me as being sharp enough that you arguably know about their radicalism.


Good fucking point. I guess I am subconsciously going for appeasement even as I fail against it……it’s hard to shake that “I’m a people person” thing.

Are you calling out Max S. as some sort of radical? That dude is awkward bastard, at worst.

To this point, I would like to note that people use this Board for differing reasons, some of which really have nothing to do with convincing the person we are talking to. For example, I wrote a number of posts to Gandrews/MSC (wordy posts, for which I was properly chided for ‘wall of texting’) regarding a single paragraph of his.

Did I do this with the expectation of changing minds?


No. I wrote those posts for the following reasons:

  1. I write them for myself. I enjoy doing it. The issue is important to me.
  2. I wrote them for the SDMB readers beyond Gandrews.
  3. I wrote them for the random person who might find themselves here on a Saturday morning, doing some web crawl on the question “did white people invent everything”?
  4. I wrote them because the post, ranty as it was, was a pretty good statement of current Right thinking and I wanted to address a section of it.
  5. I wrote them because I’m writing a Substack article which touches on this and I wanted to work through some ideas.

Some come here to convince. I come here to write. Two different motives resulting in differing preferred outcomes.

Many of us can’t resist nitpicking, I am one of them. It is Abbie Hoffman.

I’m saying that I often appreciate when posters like you, Temporary_Name (and a handful of others), make the effort regardless of motive. It’s the lord’s work you’re doing. :wink:

Max will be a Democrat in a couple of years.

Thank you for your service. I considered looking it up, and probably would have, we’re I on my laptop. Posting on my phone made me prefer to save myself the effort.

Again, my sincere thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t intend to. If it came off that way, I apologize for my clumsy attempt at communication.

The No True Conservative defence.