Trump wants to replace food stamps with a box of processed food, everyone gets the same thing

I see the point the Pres is trying to make, but even I agree that this is the wrong approach with the Reagan-esque idea of “government cheese” The purchase of nutritionally negligent food would be a better change. Limiting the purchase of soda/pop, cookies, cakes and such, or perhaps some stipulation on sugar content to a certain amount would be better. I shop at various grocery stores to get the best deals and almost every time I pop into an Aldi store or some others, there are people buying a cartload of cookies, cakes, chips, and Hawaiian punch and not one vegetable in sight, paid with EBT or SNAP. I see it so often I could set a watch by it. Same with friends I used to have who worked for “under the table” pay or skewed their tips and received the benefits, only to buy junk food. The target idea would be to eliminate waste and to promote better health among those who use the benefits.

Turns out that this wasn’t an actual proposal, but:

"Democrats claimed the plan shackled the poor while business groups, led by big food retailers, would stand to lose billions of dollars in lost SNAP business. The head of one trade association typically supportive of President Trump’s economic policies accused the administration of reneging on its pledge to cut “red tape and regulations.”

In reality, administration officials on Tuesday admitted that the food-box plan — which the president’s budget director Mick Mulvaney compared to the Blue Apron grocery delivery service — had virtually no chance of being implemented anytime soon.

Instead, the idea, according to two administration officials who worked on the proposal, was a political gambit by fiscal hawks in the administration aimed at sparking outrage among liberals and stirring up members of the president’s own party working on the latest version of the farm bill. "

They should make a Trump card that can only be used to purchase meals at McDonald’s and you can get an extra serving of ice cream with it too.

Not at McDonald’s. At Chick-Fil-A and Papa John’s.

So fucking what if I buy soda and cookies with my 257 dollar allotment? I make lunches for three people in this house and every single one of us WORKS and take our lunches. My daughter takes 2 liters and keeps them in the fridge. None of us can drink milk. I drink water most of the time but for lunch I like a caffeine kick. I get all that stuff at Aldi because it’s the cheapest place for lunch stuff. I get the bulk of my allotment at Kroger, including bags of frozen vegetables, meats, and cheese. I don’t buy box food because I have allergies. I have an autistic daughter with a limited diet. Yeah she gets junk. She also eats spinach and egg almost every night because that’s what she doesn’t turn away. It’s really none of anyone’s business WHAT we eat with that food stamp allotment. It’s FOOD. Do you not realize how expensive fresh fruit and vegetables are? I get five bananas every week for my child. She won’t eat anything else and I can’t afford anything else. It’s such bullshit, knowing that some twat is looking over my shopping cart and sniffing out my cupcakes, grieving over their precious tax dollars wasted on subsidizing my gross malnourishment and clear nutritional neglect of my child when I say “EBT food” at the register.

And oh LORD everyone seems to know someone who works under the table for food stamps. And yet I have to report every penny I earn. When my daughter got a quarter an hour raise our allotment went down 20 dollars for the month. The food stamp program has the lowest incidence of fraud of all government programs. And yet today all I saw all bloody day was Republicans celebrating, claiming they all “know someone” who commits fraud. Well do you fuckin report it? Because it’s FRAUD. Report it and they’ll investigate. I would dearly LOVE IT if every one of you people claiming to “know someone” would go ahead and report people instead of citing it as a valid reason to force people to eat from commodity boxes like we did in the good ol’ days, back when America was great the first time.

It’s been confusing in the Pit lately with all these recent reorganizations. Is anomalous1 a troll or a fuckwit? I think both, but I can’t find an Omnibus thread for that.

The problem with the poor (economically speaking) Republicans/Trumpies is that they don’t think of any of this as affecting them. It’s always aimed at those other jerks who aren’t carrying their weight.

I remember the meat from Girl Scout camp. Our dog’s food looked (and probably tasted) better.

Not everything tastes good over a campfire. :smack:

I’m envisioning the packages being delivered in a truck with the word “COMMODITIES” (or some similar phrase) painted on the side in big letters, so all the neighbors know you’re really a mooch. (snark)

Better make one then, have fun.

Labeling someone with different opinions a ‘troll’ or ‘fuckwit’ is very immature, much more so if it happens to be a person with a valid point in which you disagree. Grow up.

Sad state of affairs when you types allow anyone to have an opinion, unless it differs from your own. Fantastic coming from the so-called champions of free speech and expression.

If you bothered to read what I wrote more intelligently, I didn’t say it was correct, I said I understood the principle behind eliminating waste. People are free to do what they want and eat what they want, but if they are spending ALL or MOST of it on junk, if the government is handing out money, they can have a say in what you purchase. That is my opinion, you can have yours and I respect that. I suggest you try to grow up and do the same.

Despite your mean spirited comments rushgeekgirl, you are a shining example of proper use. I don’t have any qualms with what you described, everybody deserves cookies, treats etc. and I understand how finnicky kids can be. My point was to illustrate that there are a lot of uninformed choices regarding food and abuses to the assistance program, and that the administration is trying to curtail this as they should, but are going about it the wrong way. To answer your question/statement, yes I have reported some for it, but like most people I have a bias towards friends, even if I think what they are doing is wrong, I’m not going to report them unless it is something ‘life or death’.

What are you reporting these people for? And to whom? It’s not illegal to use your SNAP benefits to buy junk food. There’s nothing to report, other than the oh-so-self-righteous right-wing “That’s MY money you’re using so you’ll buy what I tell you to buy!” bullshit.

Honestly, if you think this plan is motivated by Trump’s empathy for poor people who just don’t know any better how to plan a meal, you’re an idiot.

Calm down

In that aspect, I was speaking of those who abuse benefits, buying stuff for others, selling LINK cards , not reporting their tips. I don’t have any self-righteous complex when it comes to assistance programs even if they are not a ‘right’, just yearning for better efficiency is all. The poor need assistance. It is not to undercut anyone, but to make sure that all is fair.

I never said it was motivated by some ‘empathy’, those are your words. I said “I understand the logic, but its being done wrong” in so many words.

Jayjay is just fine. You are an idiot.

Well, there’s a big part of the agenda right there – invoke “welfare queen” imagery of Teh Poorz getting fancy-schmancy luxury service at the expense of Real (i.e. Trumpoltroon) Murkins.

I smell a new bestseller If You Give the Poors a Cookie, by anomalous1.

Then there are people like me that buy nothing but lobster, shrimp and filet mignon with my $500/month allotment to share between myself and my two teenaged sons.

We don’t eat for long, but man are those couple of days a cultural cuisine adventure!


So the same guys who pulled out their torches and pitchforks when Michelle Obama wanted children to have healthy foods, saying the government shouldn’t dictate what people eat, now want to dictate what people eat.

I can’t imagine how proud the recipients will be when that big truck drives up in front of their home in suburbia and drops off their big box of food labeled “Trumpcare.”

As bad as this is, at least the country’s voters spared us from evil Hillary. Had she been elected, she probably would have reformatted her hard drive and backed up her data in the cloud. Who knows how bad this could have become?

But would she make the poor eat C-rats from 1945?

No idea.

All I know is, she drowned Vince Foster, then dredged him up from the Potomac and then shot him in the head to make it look like a suicide. Then she murdered a democratic activist just for fun.