Turkish "lightbulb" flag

With the current elections in Turkey, I’ve read a couple of times that the "
ruling party" (they never seem to give it a name) was going through the streets waving the “lightbulb” flag. What does the flag look like, and why a lightbulb?

It’s the party’s symbol. The “ruling party” is the JDP (stands for Justice and Development Party).

I’m a flag collector and always especially fascinated when modern elements show up on flags.
The lightbulb may be a century old, but it must be quite recent as a flag.
Wonder when we can expect the microwave or ipod?

When they become symbols of a revolution.

Is the lightbulb supposed to represent sending electricity to the back and beyond of rural Turkey?
Probably progressive in it’s day, but the next Young Turks will want a new slogan. Yesteryear’s “Chicken in every pot” will become “Chicken TV dinners on every tray”

Party symbols are common in areas where a sizable number of the voters are illiterate, or speak/read different languages than the ballot.

See this document from India, for example, which lists hundreds of political parties and the symbol assigned to each one.

I want the Glass Tumbler symbol for my party. Combine it with the spoon symbol and I’d run as the “Party” Party.

What is a “Nagara” symbol? Wiki only lists a town by that name. And why is that one symbol restricted from use in certain states and territories?

I think it’s a kind of drum.

My WAG is that either there is a regional party there that is already using the symbol or that it has a specific cultural meaning among ethnic groups in that region and that the government has decided it would be unfair to allow one political party to appropriate that symbol.