Turns out Romney isn't an a@@hole after all! I read it in an email.

Nixon was an asshole and competent. Wanna go through that again ever?

Oh, you forgot to read the guy’s epiphany:
“Mitt Romney simply can’t help himself. He sees a problem, and his mind immediately sets to work solving it, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not-so-consciously. He doesn’t do it for self-aggrandizement, or for personal gain. He does it because that’s just how he’s wired.”


All true, no doubt – except that Romney seems to be wired differently from the rest of us in what he perceives as a “problem.” That’s why he likes to fire people.

Every time a child goes missing during a Romney presidency, he will stop the entire fucking country until that child is found. Nobody goes to work. Every stops what they are doing and they look for the kid.

True, but I don’t think anyone, including the email, was suggesting he would.

I wonder if Romney can recall this event?

“Take this and go hang out with your friend for a few days and don’t tell your mom shit kid, me and the boys need an excuse to go on vacation.”

That said, what he did was charitable. I can see why she’d resort to drugs and running off, given her dad worked with Mitt Romney and her surname was “Gay”.

Just about every human has both good and bad qualities. Mitt often shows he lacks empathy, but that doesn’t mean he totally lacks heart. It’s a good story for him.

Romney wants to talk about Bain and his successes there. Fine, but if I were in his camp I’d push to highlight the organizational skills he showed during his winter Olympics stint. As I recall there were bribery charges being bandied about before Mitt came on board. In the end, the games came off well. Give him credit.

This is a much better approach for a number of reasons. People like the Olympics. People like anti-corruption stories. The Olympics employs people rather than firing them. And managing a bureaucratic nightmare like the Olympics is probably closer to executive-branch work than running a PE firm.

Well, yes, when the media has told the public for years that MDMA is a seriously dangerous drug, then it isn’t difficult to imagine “withdrawal symptoms from a massive ecstasy dose”.

I believe it is well established that overuse of MDMA can lead to lowered serotonin levels. Withdrawal can occur, but it does not have the same physical trauma associated with withdrawal from opiates or cocaine.

<John Lovitz as Tommy Flanagan>

Ya, I was talking to a prostitute… to find a lost kid! Ya, that’s the ticket! I was looking for a lost little kid, so I had to talk to a prostitute! Lots of prostitutes! Ya that’s it… And the purchase of cocaine was a sting! Ya, a sting! That’s the ticket!


Even if it did, there would be no “withdrawal symptoms” from a single dose.

I see what you did there. The police will be there shortly.

But, the crash is such a bummer! :frowning:

What physical trauma is associated with withdrawal from cocaine? I thought stimulant withdrawal was mainly a “massive depression”-style crash, rather than the physical symptoms associated with depressant withdrawal.

Another one, you mean, than the one he (maybe) murdered?

I’m weirdly OK with that. Well, not Glenn Beck. He’d spend the time kidnapping someone else, or so I hear.

He didn’t need a SALARY at Bain. He would have had to pay taxes on that.


This tells me that Romney would appoint a lot of “Heck of a job” type of people to positions that they’re not qualified to hold.

This story says he sure down the office, * asked for volunteers *, and took them to New York. I don’t know if a call for volunteers or a call for “volunteers” went out, but it sounds like he didn’t draft his entire staff against their will. Hopefully those who couldn’t come still got paid.

Also it says he hired a private detective agency, not agent.

To me, this is a story about someone who went above and beyond for a friend. I find it remarkable that he threw so much into finding this girl, and I think it’s exceptional, even among people with his means. I don’t think it has the slightest bearing on his ability as a potential President, and I still find him distasteful because he’s a Republican and therefore stands for pretty much everything I oppose (and vice versa). But credit where credit is due - this goes well beyond showing up with a casserole and a vague promise of “anything I can do”.

It is good that he did that for his coworkers daughter, because he seems to have gone pretty far to help someone out. However it doesn’t change the fact that he is wants to make it harder for me and millions of other people to get health care.

I’d for one would like to see the NY Times or someone do a real investigative piece instead of trusting and interwebs email…