TV Lies (& Movies, too)

Sorry for the hijack but wasn’t Dr. Charles Drew more renowned for his work in organizing blood banks and plasma distribution than actually figuring out how to seperate plasma from the blood? I never heard the story that he bled to death. Any thoughts on the above as I am getting conflicting answers from the 'net.

Law & Order had some groaner of a story in which a woman killed her husband because he acted like an ass in her restaurant while “the New York Times restaurant critic” was dining there, forcing him to leave before finishing his meal. Real restaurant critics work anonymously (making reservations under assumed names) and visit several times to be sure they don’t catch the place on an unusually bad (or good) night.

Really? I’ve never heard of that, and I’ve done a good bit of studio work. But maybe I’m just way behind the times.

I’ve always seen studio singers wearing headphones.

But what gets me is, in many such scenes… well, as an example:

Greg Brady writes an original song, not only with original lyrics, but presumably a new melody, chord changes, tempo, and feel. He then comes up with the $150 he needs for the studio time, so that the Brady kids can record. They walk into the studio cold, and then start singing to – get this – a pre-recorded rhythm-section track. Did Mike Brady generously come up with the extra $3000 needed for the studio musicians, and simply neglect to tell Greg?

I’m surprised it’s not still there. It used to be.

They’re usually pretty good, except for Criminal Intent. Goran is just far too good. In one episode he’s looking at a corpse, sniffs the corpse’s fingers, and concludes that he should look up the victim’s nose. In there he sees a red fleck of something. Since that particular shade of red is only used in bricks, then the victim must have been near a source of red brick dust. Red bricks are used all over the city, but there is only one place where they are currently being used in construction, at a waterfront. Therefore, along the entire 158 foot red brick seawall, the shooter must have discarded his weapon exactly 47.7462 feet from the third pidgeon.

He concludes this in the span of about 2 minutes, while still hovering over the corpse. Needless to say, the gun is exactly where he predicts it to be.

Hey, Batman used to do this every single issue.

Well, I’d be willing to let that slide. It’s possible the restaurant staff recognized the critic (in fact, if I was running a newly-opened upscale restaurant, I can easily imagine the staffers waiting with great anticipation for the first critic to show up, and keeping pictures of several of them handy for quick recognition). Also, there was no indication the critic wrote them a bad review, but rather the owner’s loutish soon-to-get-whacked husband blew (or delayed) the chance for a good review, which the staffers may have felt they richly deserved. Even if the critic later returned icognito on a good night and praised them, it still wouldn’t make the husband look good in anyone’s eyes.

Actually, I was a bit more mystified by some other plot holes in that episode, including why the hitman would leave a bloodstained $15,000 in his own freezer, and why an apparantly quite intelligent woman couldn’t come up with a better defense, i.e. “A man called me and said he had information about who killed my husband and he would tell me, in person. I wanted to know, but it sounded suspicious to me so I brought along my former employer’s gun for personal protection. When I met the man, he said that HE’D killed my husband and that he would kill me and/or my son if I didn’t give him more money. I believed that he would because he had this crazy look in his eye, so I shot him in self-defense, your Honor. I know I should have called the police but I was scared because he’d mentioned he had associates who would know if I’d alerted the autohtirites.”

A number of episodes strike me as having easy escapes for the defendants if they can “spin” the circumstances just a little.

I think they were counting on no one with a 4th grade education actually going to see that movie.


In 10 years of working in various studios, I’ve never done it that way or seen it done that way.

Yes, really.

The idea behind the devices used in the movie was to make it easier to predict where tornados will strike by gaining knowledge of their inside workings. An idea not without precedent.

Mr. Show told me that only British people can fly. Is this true?

In Patch Adams, Robin Williams makes a remark along the lines of, “We’re the only species that kill one another,” or something like that. He was (understandably) upset about the murder of his girlfriend and I think he was saying that humans are more savage than animals because animals don’t commit murder.

Guess he didn’t know that chickens will peck one of their own to death for some difference that we can’t even detect. Or that a lion, upon assuming control of a pride, will kill the cubs sired by the former pride leader, so that all further progeny will be his. (While I of course don’t count this as murder, it is still shocking in the sense that the killings are not for food or self-defense, but instead are done to rid themselves of the undesirable.)

And there are any number of other animals that will do the same. Popular culture does perpetuate that crap, although one episode of Family Guy had Death point out how false it is.

But not with nuclear weapons!

You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms!


Assuming the doctors had reason to suspect meningitis in the first place, cloudy spinal fluid would tend to confirm their suspicions. Healthy spinal fluid is clear and would tend to indicate no infection at all, meningitis or otherwise, though of course lab cultures would be much more definitive.

Similarily, Jessie Owens, by his owns words says he wasn’t snubbed by Hitler. cite

Read “One Blood-The Death and Resurrection of Charles R. Drew”, by Spencie Love, Ph.D., University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC 1996.

Our closest relatives, chimpanzees, will kill outsiders, and actually go to war against other tribes and wipe them out to the last male, female and child.

Might be nice if you mentioned what the book said in regards to the points already made.

His daughter, Charlene Drew Jarvis, used to knowingly perpetuate this myth. Her reasoning at the time, apparently, was that white people get away with so much awful stuff that letting this stick to them might be a healthy balance. She sits on the DC City Council and is president of Southwestern University. She had some ethical difficulties in the 80s and has gotten her act together since then, and she no longer supports this myth.