TV & movie fantasy food poll

From the June 15 IMDb Daily poll:

“Which fantasy consumable from film or television would you most like to find for sale at your local concession stand?”

It’s close, but as I write this…

Vianne’s magic chocolate from Chocolat is in first place

“Candy still in testing stage” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is second (erm, no thank you!) and

“popcorn with REAL butter” is in third.

This gets my vote. I’d love to try her hot chocolate with cinnamon. And the unrefined cocoa nips that she gave to the wife with the inattentive husband. Not so much for their Viagra-like properties, but because they just sound so good. I always imagine them tasting like dark bittersweet chocolate.

Mmmm, chocolate and Johnny Depp. It doesn’t any better than that.

I’d like to see some cubes from Classic Star Trek. Now that was some spread!

I always wanted to eat the meat in Parents.

A piece of James’ Giant Peach.

A real Dagwood sandwich.

Brontoburgers and Ribs from the Flintstones.

Popeye’s Super Spinach in a can!