Twice as cold?

I would say in this example it’s the ratio that’s important. In the original poll, the popularity is 40:60, i.e. 2 people like him for every 3 people that dislike him.

So to double in popularity, he needs to have 4 people liking him for every 3 people that dislike him, making a ratio of 4:3, or in percentage terms, about 57.14% for and 42.86% against.

How does that sound?

I would have thought that ‘twice as cold’, if it has any validity or meaning whatever, must refer to the effect on human comfort; if it takes twenty minutes for your fingers to get frostbite at temperature X, then ‘twice as cold as X’ would be the temperature at which frostbite occurs in half the time.

Sounds great! That’s the “example C” that I was looking for. Thanks!