Two New NFL Pick'em Leagues

Nope, totally different. You’ll want to double-check each set to make sure they’re the way you want them to avoid confusion, if you’re anything like me.

WL, no one is anything like you. And that’s the way we like it.

Well, we’ve got an even 10 in each league. If anyone else wants in you have about 14 hours to join.

Then I guess I’ll be number eleven.

Shibb, I hadn’t bothered to think of a better way to keep this thread available. Thanks for the tips. But I think a single bump (first and hopefully only time I’ll ever do it) is less taxing on the servers than email notification. Also, you can’t imagine how over-flowing my bookmarks are.

I’ll try to avoid the bumps in the future. (This was way at the bottom of page two…I was worried it would disappear completely by now.)

Heck, I don’t care if you bump it. Was just suggesting some alternatives.

Well, so much for that one.

We were one Cincinatti OT drive from having the SDMB suicide pool last a grand total of one week. THAT would have been fun :smiley:


Would have at least made for a good story. Not its just plain ole dull.

We didn’t exactly stun the Pick’em Point Spread world, either. Of the ten teams, only 2 are above .500 (nice week so far, “Happy Hermit”, whoever you are), with the next four needing tonight’s game to hit .500 for the week. Not feeling so smart this morning, are we fellow Dopers? (I know I’m not)

Yeah, I’ve sucked this year. I just knew I was going to be booted out of Survivor in the first week.

But, but, I got the “team that scores the most points” tiebreaker right! That makes me feel smart!

alright, I feel at least as stupid as everyone else, 4 is a horrible score, but at least I’m not alone in my misery.


Miserable week indeed. Yeesh. In every aspect.

I’m too afraid to even look at the standing of any of the 3 leagues yet. I think I’ll just wait until Saturday when I pick next week to check the carnage.

Go Manning! What a friggin’ comeback!

On a side note, to all the pundits screaming about how leaping never gets called, I’d like to show them my tape of the Giants games this season. In the OT win over Washington, on the game-winning FG, Washington got flagged for leaping. It was declined because the kick was good. But the pundits should bear in mind that this is the second time in three weeks that an OT game-winning kick drew a leaping penalty. Clearly this is something that the refs are trying to be diligent about this season.