Tyrannosaur vs. 4 men with spears -- who wins?

The humans and Rex are not entering a dance contest. Though a multi pointed attack, simular to wolf packs, would seem to be a way of bringing down the beast.

Yes, I figured that if the men had enough time to observe the beast, they would likely devise some strategy to overcome it.

Good! That was my intention, to elicit a chuckle or two.

I doubt T-Rex was excellent at rapid turns, but it resembles a human carrying a large timber as much as a snake resembles a length of sewer pipe. A one ton crocodile can turn 90 degrees in less than a second and it can do little to redistribute it’s body weight. The statement even explains why it may not be true.

IMHO the men will get in a couple of good stabs with their spears. The question is, can a spear cause a fatal injury to a T-Rex?

8 or 12 men could probably do the job, causing enough injury and blood loss to weaken the T-Rex and set up a killing blow. I think the T-Rex could dispatch 4 men before they could do enough damage.

Given the T-rex’s blood volume, it’ll certainly take a long time to bleed out - but I’d bet it will bleed out before the bleeding stops. And even though that could take some time, the T-rex will have difficulty assaulting the men because any time it gets close to them it risks another penetrating injury from the spears. Stab it once or twice, and it’ll probably stay the hell away from the men, and slowly bleed out. If it doesn’t stay away, it’ll get stabbed even more, and bleed out more quickly.

Get in a good hack or two at the achilles tendons, and you may immobilize it, which makes it easier to stab it repeatedly with spears and swords.

If they were able to blind it, they would win for sure. If they could approach it undetected at will, they could cut its hamstrings with their swords and bring it down so they could disembowel it.

Whether or not you would have a good chance of blinding it with a heavy hand-held spear depends on its agility. On the other hand, if you had a lighter throwing spear like a javelin, or a bow and arrows, and were skilled in their use the rex would be dead meat.

I don’t know how well a spear will penetrate their skin, much less damage their leg tendons. And 8 or 9 foot spears probably give you about a 6 foot range for effective thrusting, which seems too close. If the spears are throwable, you might wound it a little, but then you’ve lost your spear. A running throw might be more effective, but you need some major gonads to run full pace toward a T-Rex. The toughness of their hide will be a big factor in a spear having any effect at all.

You have to consider if a group of 4, or even 8 or 12 human size predator dinosaurs could take down a T-Rex. I think not, but it’s really kind of hard to establish.

A bow and arrows, which is like a lot of spears with much more penetrating power would be a winner. Do we know much about the skin on a T-Rex? Do we have impressions or anything?

I’m not sure who would win, but I sure as hell would stand in line to make sure I got good seats.

See post #11. I don’t think you want front row.

I wanted to keep projectile weapons out of the mix.

Or if sufficiently desperate, trip or spear one of your hunting companions. Like the old saw goes, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you.” The applicability to tyrannosaurs is straightforward.

I was thinking skybox.:smiley:

Who wins?

Not all 4 of the humans - I think that’s fairly certain.

If one or two of the men were prepared to sacrifice their lives, the other two might have more chance of striking a lethal blow. Is it still a win for the humans if not all of them survive?

My money is on Trex. They guys might do enough damage to kill the Trex over time, but they will be stomped, slammed, or eaten first.

I wouldn’t count on it not being able to smell or hear which direction they were approaching from.

I would count that as a win. I would expect at least one of the guys to die horribly in this confrontation.

Otherwise I wouldn’t be psyched to buy a ticket.

Of course!