U.N. Where Are You? Protect Indigenous Rights (but Violators are Media Darlings)?

No it isn’t.

Let’s see a cite for that.

No particular article. Just the flavor.

Then I’m standing by my previously expressed opinion that you never actually read or see any of the media you’re complaining about.

I think it’s more that the OP doesn’t seem to like the New York Times. Given the political views the OP expresses here from time to time, this is not surprising. It is not, however, in any way consistent with reality. The New York Times has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in journalism at least fourteen times since 2001 alone, a profound tribute to the world-class excellence of its reporters and editors.

No cite. Just bullshit.


All the other criticism aside, I would love to hear how Indonesia and Myanmar are anything even remotely close to media darlings. Or is it all Muslims are media darlings? What’s up with that?

Posited thought process: The media are all liberal, liberals adore Muslims and will always argue their case, especially against anything Christians try to do, therefore the Muslims in question are media darlings.

It’s utter bullshit in all particulars, but it’s typical.