Ugh. Ok Doper Ladies with home grown babies - did your period get heavier after? TMI, I'm sure.

My periods didn’t change at all after I had my daughter.

And seriously, RedBloom - no way is that normal. And even if it were, your doctor still needs to help you do something about it, because it is not OK to be in agonising pain and non-functional just because ‘you’re a woman in your thirties’. If you hit her in the kneecap repeatedly with a lump hammer, it would be totally normal for her to be in a lot of pain, but I bet she’d still want an X-ray and a cast and some good painkillers.

FWIW, I was a woman in my 30’s for 7 years before I had Junior and I never had anything like that happen. I think you may want to press this issue a bit more because it doesn’t sound right.

Alice, were you on oral contraceptive pills before or after?


Now there’s a good username/post combo! :eek:

Yes, terribly so. I have to empty out an overflowing Diva Cup 4-8 times a day now on the heaviest days, when before it never came close to overflowing. And the blood is different–watery, almost mucusy, and paler in color. It hasn’t gotten much better and it’s been 1.5 years since my first post-partum period. It’s miserable.

Mine was much heavier after having children. I think it was also less dependable, but I’ve been on Mirena for a while (and was pregnant before that and nursing before that), so I don’t fully remember.


Ok. After reading through this thread I may take that sage advice and get another opinion before I wind up looking like one of the Lost Boys.

Interesting replies everyone - it seems like this could just be one of those things.

Currently I’m blaming my thyroid because I’ve been having other symptoms - sadly many ‘post baby’ symptoms look very similar to ‘hypo thyroid’ issues (losing hair, feeling tired, hinky mood, etc). However, I’m also cold all the time now which is really a weird new thing for me so I think thyroid may be to blame. I’ll have to wait for the blood test results to find out I guess (not that they ever show anything definitive for thyroid anyway - the range of ‘normal’ is so huge you could drive a mac truck through it. :rolleyes: :mad:)