Ugh, there's standing water under my house!

Given the nastiness of cat pee I recommend a black light flashlight (cheap enough on Ebay) that can be used to find the location of organic molecules, such as cat pee. Should you do this, be prepared to be revolted by just how many areas fluoresce.

I don’t and have never had gutters, guys. That means I don’t and have never had downspouts.

We had a termite inspection done a few years ago. The good news was no termites. The bad news was water in our crawl space. Seems that the foundation had settled enough over the years that the wood just above the foundation was touching dirt. Also our home was on the down side of the hill. Plus being an older home, the wood wasn’t treated and was rotting.

We had to have the house jacked up and new wood installed above the foundation.

We had landscaping done to divert the water away from the house and move dirt away from the home.

We had a sump pump installed to keep the crawl space dry. In retrospect, we probably didn’t need the sump pump as the landscaping seems to have fixed the issue. It’s pretty rare that the sump pump turns on. I put something like a piece of plastic wrap in the exit pipe and check if it’s still there or out in the lawn.

Ours isn’t the only home in the subdivision with the same problem. A neighbor had their home raised up and a set of concrete blocks installed under it. There are a many others where you can’t see the foundation at all.

Do I even want to know what that cost you?

No, but I’ll tell you anyway: $24,000. That includes fixing some of the drywall what cracked during the jacking up of the house. This was about 16 years ago.