UK by-elections: Labour gets another spanking

Ah, those promises, eh?

I’m guessing we’ll get it just after you guys do… :dubious:

Actually, I’ve been hoping for the last 10 years that the UK would have that PR referendum, just so the U.S. media will have to explain the concept to the people. The biggest obstacle to PR here is not that the people are against it but that the people don’t know what it is, and explaining takes more words than you can fit on a bumper sticker. When New Zealand switched to PR that didn’t make the news here – why would it? But if the Mother Country, and America’s chief partner in the Coalition of the Willing*, has a referendum on it – they’ll have to cover that, won’t they?

  • Coalition of the Willing! That’s not a name for a military alliance! That’s a name for a curiously highbrow porn film!