UK Dopers - What's the Deal with "Gingers?"

Really? I had no idea the Welsh were so unpopular on this forum. You’re not the first to mention it.

They’re not really. They just seem to be the comedic target of the day. And there is a LOT of material to work with; Big black hats; spinning wheels; mines; Tom Jones; shirley Bassey; male voice choirs and last, and far from least, the sheep.

At least gingerism is relatively rare in Wales.

The whole Ginger thing isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and very rarely is.

Not sure why we strawberry blonds are abused. Maybe its all down to jealousy, due to our phenomenal sexual prowess.

Real men don’t have head-hair.

Maybe it’s because strawberries aren’t blonde?

I prefer ridiculing slap-heads myself.

You picks your minority and takes your chances. You can’t defend it because it’s indefensible.

I think the whole ginger bashing thing has taken a nasty turn. Blonde jokes are different. They are obviously jokes because they joke that blondes are thick, which we know is not the case. And it ends there. Nothing to suggest that blondes are not completely wonderful people apart from that.

But the ginger jokes are along the lines that they are repulsive/sub-human/defective/just plain icky because… well, just because. If that’s not bigotry I don’t know what it is. Making it a joke is not an excuse any more that racist jokes are ok because they’re “just jokes”.

Personally I’ve known too many extremely attractive redheads to find any of the above justified. :cool:

My boyfriend has ginger hair, my mother has told me that if I give her ginger grand-children she’ll drown them. (Jokeingly of course.)

I think were a bit harsh on ginger people. Although saying that, I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone make fun of someone becaue they had ginger hair.

Originally Posted by owlstretchingtime

At least gingerism is relatively rare in Wales.

I would have to disagree, I’m a welsh non-jinner but if you look at our recent rugby players then we have a fairly high ginger proportion.

Neil Jenkins (Nickname “The Ginger Monster”)
Gareth Thomas
Martyn Williams
Tom Shanklin
Garyn Evans

Although I think the Scots take the biscuit (or gingerbread) with their gingeratio

I think that you have almost made the point that I want to make. Surely the whole anti-ginger sentiment is a hang on from the latent mistrust and dislike for the Scots/Irish by the English? Usually these days, one only thinks of the resentment that the Irish and the Scots have for the English. However, it works the other way round too, for whatever reason.

I don’t think that it is necessarily because of displaced racism, as everton suggests. The intense rivalry between these nations has been embedded in the national psyche for longer than blacks or Asians have been around in the UK in significant numbers. It is may be a heavily diluted form of racism but I feel as though, in 99% of cases, it has evolved into little more than mild teasing.

I never knew that you guys across the pond made fun of red-haired people. Over here in the states red hair (in women at least) is generally thought to be VERY attractive. Friends of mine always have their heads turned by a cute (or even mildly attractive) girl with red hair. Send your gingers over hear, we’d love to have 'em.