Urban Myth spreading: et tu, Reuters?

“Embrasses-tu tes gosses avant de te coucher?”
“Ben tu me prends pour quoi, sti? Un contortionniste?”

Strange, I just bought a new iron from Burnsdownyourhousewhileyourfamilyissleeping, Inc. It seems to work fine.

I kept reading that as “not able”. :smack:

Matt, mon écoeurant… :wink: j’viens d’renverser mon café!

Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha.

(you know Pérusse, right?)

::: guy shopping for a snowmobile, by phone, French salesman :::

“Avez-vous besoin d’espace en arrière, pour vos gosses?”
“Cou-don, tu m’prends-ti pour Arnold Wor-cess-teur-chi-re?”
(son épouse crie de la cuisine: “Schwarzenegger…”)
“Eille, le cerveau…”

Heh, that’s funny. At least when Babelfish translates it.

Matt, my nauseating… I have just reversed my coffee!

Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha.

(you know Pérusse, right?)

Guy shopping for has snowmobile, by phon, French salesman:::

“do you Need space behind, for your kids?”
“Neck-gift, you me take-Ti for Arnold Wor-cess-teur-chi-Re?”
(his wife shouts of the kitchen: “Schwarzenegger…”)
“Eille, the brain…”

Upon further reflection, you’re correct. I was way out of bounds to use such a brutal verbal assault and I apologize. :slight_smile:

Tax Guy has the gist of it - a narrow OP to be sure, but I’ve grown tired of hearing this stupid “Nova” business my whole life, and was startled to see Reuters reference it at all.

Hey Knowed Out, that’s cool. I’m going to have to try Babelfish some time.

Personally, I think the way Babelfish tells it, it’s actually better.

Is Babelfish a member of the board? :wink:

Now that’s funny!

Aren’t all points narrow, by definition?

I always liked the bit about the Ford Pinto not selling well in Brazil, where “pinto” is a slang term that means “small testicles”.

Wow – someone quoted Pérusse! I found an mp3 of “Louez une voiture…” and have been trying for years to figure out what he’s saying (drawing on my 30-years-ago french class).

“Monnaaaa!” “Quaaaa?”

Just you had to be there…

On a vaguely-related note, I once heard a lame joke about fish being the laziest animals: “Que hace el pez? Nada!”

Bite the Wax Tadpole. heh heh heh