Urinary Tract Infection Prevention/Treatment

Go to your doctor. It can’t be said enough.

I work with Developmentally Disabled adults at our day programs and some of them don’t communicate very well if they are experiencing pain or symptoms. I have one right now who is in the hospital, in a coma, with DNR orders, because a simple UTI infection turned into sepsis because she didn’t get the medical care she needed from her residential provider (idiots!).

It was totally avoidable. Oh, and she has pneumonia as well, but that’s another matter entirely. They pulled her off of life support 2 days ago, but she’s still hanging on.

People do that front to back wipe for peeing, too? I just kind of dab at the area…

I had recurrent UTIs for 5-6 years, my ob just diagnosed, told me to pee after sex, every time, etc.
She never asked if I had tenderness in my back at the same time. I did. I had kidney stones that eventually sent me to the ER.
Go to the OB and be diligent in describing your symptoms. And while cranberry juice is a placebo at best an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen will help the pain til the Bactrim (or whatever) really kicks in.

I think it depends on the size and shape of your inner and outer labia. For women whose inner or outer labia are on the larger or floppier side, there can be more dribbling and the stream travels more when taking a whiz. If it all comes out in one straight stream with no trickling for you, then dabbing could work. But that’s hardly universal.

I take cipro all the time for UTIs. It isn’t first line, but I have had so many that I’ve outgrown the usage of sulfa meds and macrobid, and I have to take prophylactic antibiotics following sex. My urologist gives me a standing order of cipro to keep at home, 500mg twice daily for 3-5 days as needed.

Also, cranberries (capsules or juice) are useless.