URL Verification? (possible scripting question)

I own about a dozen domains. They are all similarly named as to catch any potential customer that may spell the domain incorrectly. Eleven of them redirect to the main page with the correct spelling. In I.E. I have a shortcut for each iteration. This way I can check each link every morning to make sure they are working.

Is there a way to create a script or something similar that will open all the pages with one click? Maybe some kind of program that would ping each URL and tell me if they are responding with the correct IP!?

Thanks For Any Suggestions :slight_smile:

I don’t know any programming, so i can’t answer your main question, but i do have a possible alternative.

Install the Firefox browser, then create a new folder in your Firefox bookmarks and place a bookmark for each url in the folder. Then, when you want to check all of them, go to Bookmarks > Your Folder and click on the bookmark that says “Open in tabs.”

All the pages will start to open at once, each in a separate tab.

The Opera browser allows you to do the same thing.

You can also do it in a batch file. Your batch file would look like this:

start URL1
start URL2
start URL3
start URL4

(replace URL1, 2, 3, etc with the web addresses you want).
This will open up the web pages with whatever your default browser is configured to be.

another option is to pay someone to develop something for you. these people at the site I’m posting below are genius and this service is a reverse auction for scripting and designers. You may already know about it. scriptlance.com

Why not just make a little HTML page with a dozen iframes in it, each one embedding a different site? - store it locally and just fire it up to visually check them.

Would Big Brother work for this?

What a great suggestion! Believe it or not I have a frames page setup already. The difference being the left side had links and the right showed each link as I clicked on it.

I’m going to take you advice and do just as you suggested :slight_smile:

P.S. Thank you everyone else that responded as well. I like this since I am still in the startup phase and I’m operating on a tight budget.