Using initials for names. A petty, and yet small-minded rant.

I’m in if it means we can assassinate "G"s Kenny and Mc (I think we should spare Warren). In fact all film directors with just one name should go. “Pitof”, “Kaos” … sheesh. If your name is Derek, just get the fuck over it.

I don’t even really mind the initial thing so much as the whole “cast of characters.” You all know what I mean, posts that start out like this:

Okay, so this involves my sister “Lisa”, and her best friend “Janie”, and Janie’s cousin “Michael”, and Michael’s girlfriend “Liz” (who used to be Lisa’s best friend but now they hate each other), and Micheal and Liz’s roommate “Jake” (who dumped Janie to go out with Lisa before announcing he’s gay), and Jake’s dog “Skipper”, and Skipper’s buddy from doggie daycare “Butch”…

I used to try to keep the cast straight, but it usually turns iinto a big nasty mess, so I just pop right back out of the thread and go see if Eve’s coworkers are doing anything fun.

Add in a brow furrowing and you could be me!