VCR's and staying out of touch

In American homes, VCR’s have become as common as the TV set. But there is a major difference between watching TV and watching a video on the VCR. If some natural peril is approaching an area, there usually is a banner or some type of warning to those who should be aware of the problem which flashes across the screen. But if you are watching a video for several hours you are totally out of touch with the outside world. There should be some type of interupt for the VCR to allow you to know about some impending peril. I have been thinking about this for well over 10 years. Anyone have any thoughts.

I never get to watch several hours of videos. Stopping the videos to get the dogs walked gets me a local screen with - weather, public announcements and church services.

The reason I watch videos is to avoid contact with the outside world. Frankly, I find those little bulletins t.v. stations use highly annoying! I don’t need the t.v Gods to tell me there is severe weather outside, a police/hostage situation 50 miles away, how to live my life, etc. Especially when I’m trying to watch my MST 3000 video!

There is one sure fire method of video interupt - its called
a blackout. Unless of course someone has just cut all the power to YOUR house, then you have reason to be worried, to be very worried.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to sit back and enjoy the video
and block out the real world for a couple of hours. I know I would love to.
Just a thought - When you are fixated with Straight Dope -
do you have the 24hr news channel running in the background?

You can get one of those weather radios. They alert you if a severe weather problem arises. Also I heard that they are expanding to cover other emergencies as well.

I can just look out the window & see a storm a-coming.

Hey, I just thought of something.

When I’m asleep I’m pretty much cut of from the outside world. If only I could rig up some sort of Emergency Alert System alarm clock to wake me up if a tornado touches down 3 counties away. I’d sleep a lot better then.

You don’t get those alerts when your TV is turned off either. Are you proposing we all have our sets on 24/7?

Most cheap police scanners can be programmed to scan a frequency that broadcasts weather. Drop down to Radio Shack and pick one up. You’ll also get all the info on emergency situations in your are through the police and emergency channels. :slight_smile:

The Gub’ment planted a chip in my head during a psychological exam I took in college back in the '90’s, so I have advanced warning of ALL corporal and etherial emergencies in a three county radius…

and I like cheese.

25 years old and I have never seen any use of the Emergency Broadcast System other than monthly tests.

Weighing the odds I am not going to worry about watching a video for two hours.

But if you are worried about it, you can get the C Crane Radio, it has a feature that will turn the radio on if EBS sends out a signal. Only $160 for an AM radio. Cheap!