VOLVOS! They're great! They're GREAT!

There definitely are stereotypes related to vehicle ownership in the United States – after all, this country is the heart and soul of car culture.

Lesse … off the top of my head …

any SUV - Arrogant/assertive jerk, or anyone from Colorado.

Chevrolet Camaro, Ponriac Firebird - either a white trash guy or girl with a mullet, or a young Italian-American male.

Honda Accord - The preferred car among Asian Indians In my hometown, it’s assumed that if you’re driving an Accord, your last name must be “Patel.”

Volvo (any) - Unitarian liberal arts professors with leftward leaning mindsets.

Cadillac (any) - What that Camaro driving Italian-American male buys when he turns 40.

Peugeot (any) - Upper middle class African-American professional. Seriously.

Honda Civic - 18 year old boy with a 'tude.

Subaru (any) - a fan of Ellen DeGeneres and k.d. lang.

Volkswagen Cabriolet - Kathi, Christi, Bunni, Jenni, or any other blonde girl with a name that ends in “i.”

And where do you live? I’m going to hop into my blue Volvo (with it’s Bush/Cheney bumper sticker) and drive past your home a few times. :smiley: :wink:

Seriously, I love my car. My previous car was an Acura 2.5TL and it handled better. I sacrificed a little smoothness for safety but honestly it’s been a GREAT car.

Until 6 months ago, Volvos were pretty much all I’d driven. I’ve had: 1-144, 1-242DL, 2-242GTs, 1-GLT 2dr, 1-Turbo, 1-DL wagon, 1-GLE 4dr, and 1-GL 4dr. This also includes the ones Elkwoman has had since we’ve been married.

Of all of these, only the DL wagon was disposed of because of mechanical problems. 5 had terminal rot (unsafe to drive further), 3 were sold due to need for a different type of vehicle. Our most recent, the GL 4dr, was sold due to the rising cost of gas; it only averaged 18 mpg in the city. We found them to be absolutely bulletproof mechanically; even the GLE with the V6 was good, it just required shorter than normal oil change intervals (every 1800 km city) to avoid premature cam wear; we put 60,000 km on it with no problems at all.

I admit the image drivers of these cars have is not good, but they CAN be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Here in Edmonton, there is a guy (my uncle) who converts 240 series cars to Ford 5.0 power. Let me tell you, these cars are something else. Nothing like blowing some backwards-hat wearing, rap blasting, Honda driving punk into the weeds with a 245 wagon! Anyone want more details on this conversion, let me know. They are an absolute hoot!

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Wow. :smiley:
Cultural differences aplenty! I drive a Peugeot (didn’t even know they were that well known in the US, as Peugeot stopped exporting there 5 years ago), and I’m… well, I’m white, for starters. :wink: Upper middle class? Probably… and I would be considered a professional, most likely.
Generally, I think Peugeots are seen here as comfortable, sporty, and good-looking cars without to much “status” or “image” attached to it. Unlike, say, Volkswagen or Audi. And that’s fine with me: they’re gorgeous cars to drive, and affordable at that.
I’m a bit surprised at the “black” connotation. I’d say it isn’t a “black” car at all over here (if there is such a thing, of course). Mostly, I see black guys driving the sportier versions of cars like the Volkswagen Golf, Opel Astra, Honda Civic, or Ford Escort - usually, the somewhat older models.

Interesting stuff, car anthropology. :smiley:

Oh, and Volvos do kick ass, especially the older ones you guys are describing. Although I’m also very much in love with that new S60/S80 line of models. My God, what pretty cars!

I drive a 1982 Volvo DL wagon. It’s not much to look at, but it’s passed 2 smog-checks on the first try(including California’s tough ‘test-only’ check, which they use to get older cars off the road). They are indestructable!

1985 740 Turbo with rally suspension-- yay! It’s of a particular batch that had bad paint, though, so we are looking into our options-- the hood looks like it’s molting.

I know, there are lots of people who LOVE Volvos! However, I think it only fair to relate MY experience with these cars! I had a 240 sedan (early 80’s), which I purchased used. Evrything which could possibly go wrong with this car went wrong! IT was EXTREMELY difficult to fix! And, I began to notice a certain phenomenon about Volvo owners-they would preface remarks about their cars with “Except for …(insert problem)…it was a good car”…well, here’s a partial list!!
-engine main seal
-tranny case leaked oil
-electric overdrive failed, cost megabucks to fix!
-weird electrical system problems (wipers would turn on by themselves)!
-lousy front end alignement
-Plus, the real KICKER-the friggin DOOR LOCKS would freeze up in winter-the damn car is from sweden!
I eventually took to leaving the car parked with the keys in the ignition-but nobody stole it!

My wife and I have a 2000 S70 GLT SE. We’ve only had the thing 8 months, and have already put about 15,000 miles on it. We love it. It’s got all the nifty features of much, much more expensive cars, and it’s not all rounded like those new Honda-looking S60’s and 80’s. It’s nice and boxy!

However, I regret to inform you, lee… our car is BLUE!!! ::dramatic cymbal crash and trumpet fanfare::

[sub]The next meeting of the Anti-Lee Blue Volvo Conspiracy will be held at the IHOP off I-4 in Florida near the wildfires in Polk County. But don’t mention it to her…[/sub]