Vomiting Baseballs. NOT a band name.

Ya know, years ago my Aunt used to play the organ at that stadium. She once got either warned or kicked out for playing 3 blind mice for the umps!

Well, you could always move here.

Home of the “Biscuits” :confused:

Unfortunately, I am not making this up…


Your aunt was named Wilbur?

That was funny! Bravo!

Now, folks, let me show you what I mean. You got one, two, three, four, bases on a diamond.
Bases that mark the difference between a gentleman and a bum.

Yeah, Oscar Mayer staduim! They would be called the weiners or little smokies!
And I never could understand the big thing about honoring Bix. Yeah, great whatever player, but my grandfather said he wasn’t a very great human being.

The next to but not in the river comment was funny!
No better way to have some family fun and bonding time like sandbagging the river.

Can’t wait to hear the promos for the new name. This ought to be interesting.

“Nine Men from the Confluence”?

Hah! Not quite. Don’t know if it was around that time or not, but that’s probably where she got the idea for it.