Walks in Baseball

Yes. And properly so. It may not have been ‘his’ decision to throw the fastball that got knocked out, either. It certainly wasn’t his decision to face those particular batters.

Also, there are a fair number of “pitching around” walks that aren’t scored IBB but don’t really represent a challenge by the pitcher.

Then there are players like Eddie Yost who just died a week or two ago. Known as “The Walking Man” he played third base in the American League for 18 seasons and was a career .254 hitter almost entirely as a leadoff man. (He was also number one all-time in games played at third base when he retired.) However, he led the A.L. in walks 6 times and was number 11 all-time with over 1600 walks. His career OBP at .394 was higher than Pete Rose, Henry Aaron and Willie Mays. Fittingly his last major league at bat was with the Loas Angeles Angels and he walked.