Warm chair

Why does a chair seem warmer if somebody else has been sitting in it, but doesn’t seem warm if you were sitting in it (i.e., if you get up to get a snack or something)?

Probably because, your ass is insultated because its sitting in the chair and gets warmer. when you sit back down it does not seem warm because your ass is already the same temperature of the chair.

So everyone’s ass is warmer than yours?

If you had a fever and someone else has the chills, if you sat in their chair, would it feel colder?

If you get right into a chair that someone else has sat on, you feel the warmth because of the short lag time between their ass being in the chair and yours. I suspect that when you get up for a snack or whatever, it may seem like a short time, but there is a greater lag time than when you take someone else’s seat. Thus more time for heat to dissipate???

Just guessing -ggurl

Your ass 98.6 degrees. The air in the rom 73 degrees.
You sit down, the chair is at 73 degrees. The chair feels cool. Heat travels from hot to cold, your ass brings the surface of the chair to 98.6 (or thereabouts) Chair does not feel warm since it is at the same temp as your ass. This change is gradual.
You get up and I sit down. My ass is also at 98.6, but my skin has been exposed to 73 degree air. Now all of a sudden my ass is in contact with a 98.6 degree chair. The chair feels warm compared to the air that had been in contact with my ass a second ago.
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I see this is an old post but I am not very convinced by the explanations that were given.

If you’re sitting on your chair, you get up for one second to catch the salt and you sit again, you WON’T feel it warm. On the other hand, if the person next to you gets up and you sit on his chair after 1 second also, you will feel the difference.

I sincerely think that there is something more complicated to it…it’s so weird, it’s like our body can detect something additional to temperature and that tells us that this is not our chair…

Since it’s been resurrected, why the heck not?
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Any idea what that thing is, and how we detect it? :dubious:


Really, this is a good question. If somebody is holding something and I take it in my hand, I don’t feel the “warmth.” But yes, the seat warmth is there.

stab at an idea Could it be an evolved awareness concerning nesting?

I question whether the premise of the OP is correct – that detecting a temperature difference in a chair depends on who was sitting there before.

Because if I’m sitting on a couch or laying on a bed, if I get up and then come back, I can tell (by temp) if I sit back in the very same spot, or slightly shifted.

If you get up and sit back down on your chair, both your chair and your bum are warm, therefore you don’t notice the warmth of the chair as much (and are expecting it).
If somebody else has been sitting on your chair, but you have been standing, you’re more likely to notice the warmth of your chair, because your bum is cooler.
I would predict that if you and someone else were sitting on similar chairs side by side and then both get up and sit down again, you would not feel any difference whether the two chairs were swapped or you sat back on your own chair.