Was 'Firefly' really a massive rip-off of 'Cowboy Bebop?'

Well, I’m having a hard time thinking of any hobby I’m into where the fans aren’t completely annoying bastards. I’d have a hard time passing myself off as a genuine otaku, since I think about 90% of anime (just like 90% of everything) is garbage – I just can’t appreciate the slapstick humor that’s in so much of it, is the biggest obstacle for me. But if you avoid it entirely, you’re missing out on a lot of genuinely great stuff.

“Cowboy Bebop” is not just the best anime, but one of the best television series ever made, of any kind. It’s just genius. (Sometimes I wonder how it got to be so popular, seeing as how it’s so genuinely good – I just usually reassure myself that most people are watching for the explosions and spaceships and boobies). (In case it’s not clear: the first part is totally serious; the part in parentheses is being sarcastic.)

And for the rest: Pom Poko, Pom Poko, Castle of Cagliostro, Nausicaa, Wings of Honnemaise, Spirited Away, and Millenium Actress are all great movies regardless of whether they’re anime or not. Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Metropolis have stunning animation. “Escaflowne” is a great adventure series (riding the back of an annoying “magical girl” soap opera). And “Inuyasha” and “Naruto” are guilty pleasures.

Well, I wrote the fanzine on being a pompous geek, so suck on that! And I hope that if you’re going to be so presumptuous as to base your entire perception of “Cowboy Bebop” (or, as it should properly be romanized, “Kauboi Beebappu”) from the movie, of all things, that you at least watched a fansub of it instead of the bastardized American DVD release, and that you watched it with the original Japanese soundtrack and subtitles, or better yet, a Japanese-English dictionary on-hand.

(One of those Pom Pokos is supposed to be Porco Rosso.)

Ah, that’s it. I was actually about to type “Nadia” but I couldn’t remember the rest of the title and was getting it confused with Laputa. And if I can’t remember the title of something, that must mean it’s obscure, right?

Well, in keeping with the tone of the thread, I mock you for the fact that you couldn’t recall what is clearly among the greatest series ever.

(Seriously, it is a great series, hugely influential, and it does tend to fall below even fandom’s radar since it isn’t a new show.)

BTW, if you like Naruto I’m kind of surprised that you don’t like more shows. Naruto is a fairly standard shonen action show (meaning “boy’s” but also in this case originating from the manga magazine Shonen Jump) and follows a lot of the same formulas. I can understand if the execution of the series happened to hook you, but if you like it I would expect you to like a lot more than you say you do.


Sailor Moon is essentially a gender-flipped version of those old sentai shows.

Nadia of the Blue Water is heavily influenced by Jules Verne’s works, especially 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


shrugs There aren’t any new ideas, just old ideas with new twists or dressed up in new settings. (Samurai in spaaaaaaaaaaace! :D)

Oh yeah? I remember when the term “fanzine” was INVENTED and they were run off on MIMEOGRAPH MACHINES! YEARS before there were fanzines for crappy Japanese cartoons.

I tried but one of my daughters doesn’t read that well and has enough trouble following SPOKEN dialog. (Is it fair to play the “brain-damaged kid” card this early in the game? Or is it a sign I’ve got a lousy hand, since I didn’t bother seeing the movie until the evening it was due back at the rental store and never bothered to watch it a second time in Japanese? :wink: )

No, I meant that Firefly ripped off Trigun, not that Bebop ripped off Trigun. Either way, I don’t really see it, although Trigun does have a more explicit “sci-fi Western” theme to it. (Which, really, I don’t see at all in Bebop, except in certain specific episodes.)

I have to say mean things about Miller and SolGrundy behind their backs now, because they said all the things I wanted to say about Cowboy Bebop.

Also, I have all the episodes on tape from Adult Swim. If anyone wants to see them badly enough, I might be persuaded to make copies.

Yoko Kanno has done a ton of stuff, but my personal favorites, besides Bebop, are the soundtracks for Wolf’s Rain and Macross Plus.

I thought Firefly was a rip-off of Kiddie Grade. Silly me. :wink:

(continuing the hijack I started)

Yeah, I put “Naruto” in the guilty pleasure category. It’s so obviously targeted at the “boy’s adventure” audience, and the videogame audience, but dang, ninjas are just cool. They can totally flip out and kill people. All the seals and special ninja techniques and secret villages and such make up for all the slapstick humor, prepubescent angst, and fight scenes that stretch out over five episodes.

I hadn’t headr that Narutop was already an anime, though I admit I wanted to see it. I like silly Shonen. I want to see Sandland, myself.

Aside from all of that, I much preferred the dub Cowboy Bebop to the sub. The Dub felt so much more natural and the voice acting was pretty ddarned good. Plus, the voices on the original show didn’t sound that inspired to me.

Trigun had a better Japanese, but after the first couple of rough episodes, the American Vash and Millie and Wolfwood and Meryl just grew so lovely. Plus, I hate subtitles.

I think this was mainly because both series’ had a scene in an early episode featuring—

A naked young woman being smuggled, in suspended animation, in an oversized suitcase.

Which could just as easily be an innocent homage as it could be a complete coincidence.

Yep, up to about 130 episodes at this point. Licensed a few weeks ago and due to start airing on Cartoon Network this fall so you won’t have that long to wait for an official version.