Washington Square Park ~ Creepy!

Yup, Ike, that’s me, board flirt. But cleverly I only do it in threads about New York City landmarks so that nobody realizes.

Besides, man, that thread was going down, fast. The only potential chance to save it from oblivion was to introduce vaguely obscene New Jersey place names. Didn’t work too well, but at least I gave it a shot. Not like that Stuyguy fellow who actually gave us facts. How could that save a thread?

Yeah . . . And how often do I get to do Longfellow parodies? Once, maybe twice, a month?

I can never think of Washington Square without seeing Robert Reford running barefoot in the park.

Hmmm…maybe barefoot is not such a good idea.

[hijack] Is the Chelsea Hotel in the Village okay to stay in or is it a flea bag?[/hijack]

I believe that the largest mass grave in the U.S. is in Chicago. There is a university on the site of a Union prisoner-of-war camp there.

It used to bother me to walk over graves but not anymore. I think it is something that most people grow out of.

The Chelsea Hotel is not in the Village. The Chelsea Hotel is in Chelsea.

Prizes will be awarded to all those who correctly guess where the Gramercy Park Hotel is, and who is buried in Grant’s Tomb.


IIRC, both Mr. and Mrs. Grant are buried in Grant’s Tomb.

Actually, the Chelsea Hotel isn’t in the Village, but in (surprise) Chelsea. It got pretty good reviews at Citysearch

And Eve and Ike, you’ve both been rather delinquent in your New York DopeDinner attendance as well. I’d invite you both to the Kosher Dinner, but GilaB said that she couldn’t have ribs if she were with polite company, so I can’t invite one of you. I’ll leave it to you two to figure out which one.

Damn you and your quick fingers, Ike.

AS to the OP, although hardly anyone seems to be actuially addressing it:

EEEEEEWWWWW! I spent 3 years living next to a GRAVEYARD, and tromping over it every day on the way to class? (NYU’s Hayden Hall, 33 Washington Square West, 9/86-6/89).

Well, I guess I’d rather deal with the ghosts than with all the crack dealers who were there at the time, harrassing me at least half a dozen times whenever I crossed the park. So did Giuliani get rid of all of them, or do I just look too old and square now? because whenever I’ve been back there recently, nobody tries to sell me illegal substances anymore.

I thought no one was buried in Grant’s Tomb, because Grant and his wife are both in above-ground monuments.

The only people who will try to sell you drugs in Washington Square Park are cops.

Yeah, the hanging of bodies from the trees that are still there somehow disturbs me more than my laying my picnic blanket on the Poltergeistesque (“You moved the headstones but you left the graves, didn’t you!?”) burial ground.

Billdo, I won’t have time for a preamble as I will be busy with out of town guests and the holidays, so I will probably just stop by America on that Sat. night for a drink at the bar (or maybe at the Friday night bar location (?), and introduce myself after y’all are done with dinner.

Eva Luna, yeah, Giuliani cleaned the park up somewhat - now instead of crack, they just sell weed and mescaline. :stuck_out_tongue:

just to add more 2 cents to the philly wash square…

wash square has been turned over to the park service to add to the nifty new indepen. and constitution complex. the unknown soldier of the revolution is there along with a whole host of other unknown dead. there is even a quaker miss haunting the square.

about 10 years ago there was an article in the philly papers about how rundown the park was. there was a picture of a bird carcass roasting on the eternal flame of the revolution’s unknown. a huge gasp occured and money was raised to redo the monument.

it was decided that the park service would be able to secure the site better than the neighbourhood organization.

the ghost was not asked her opinion.

Mmmmmmmm…roasted bird carcass.


Plus Billdo has the prettiest eyes.

I’ve heard as well that for while, when the parks department was installing the fences in Washington Square Park (the NY one), that some bones would rise up to the surface were the ground was disturbed. I guess I’m morbid, because after hearing this I always lurked around eagerly whenever the parks folks were doing any fence replacement hoping to catch a glimpse of this. Sadly (or not), they have since figured out how to sink the fence posts in such a way as to not churn up any human remains.

In more pleasant news, did you know that there is also an underground stream running below the Park? Minetta Stream. It goes under the west side of the park, under Hayden Hall (the NYU Dorm – there is a fountain in the lobby that used to pump water up from Minetta Stream, but it’s broken now) and then turns south and follows the general path of Minetta Lane.