Watching region 1 DVDs in region 2

My tv and my dads tv supports region 1 dvds and i live in the uk. It will work if your tv can handle a 60HZ signal, most new ones do in england.

I think you are mistaken and confusing several things. Region 1 DVDs are encoded at 30 fps and region 2 at 25 fps but a region 2 player will convert from 30 to 25 by dropping frames so the TV is getting 25 regardless of the original encoding. that is what i believe but if you have any proof to the contrary I’d like to know.

Some players can output both formats. My own el-cheapo player has a button to switch between NTSC, PAL, and multi (NTSC for 525/60 and PAL for 625/50) output.

Be careful here, the selector switch doesn’t mean it can convert between the two formats. On many cheap players, if you insert an NTSC disc it will only output an NTSC signal and if you insert a PAL disc it will only output a PAL signal. So you still need two TVs (or a multi-format TV) to see both PAL and NTSC DVDs. High-end multi-format players can usually convert between signals (generate an NTSC signal from a PAL DVD or vice versa), so you can hook it up to a regular TV and watch both NTSC and PAL DVDs.

I’m pretty sure my Norcent DP300 will output an NTSC signal for a PAL disc, and vice versa, and it definitely isn’t a high-end player. I’ll check tonight.

Well OK, I used the term “high-end” in a very loose sense. I just wanted to point out that there are two kinds of multi-format DVD players. I know my $150 JVC multi-region player does not have a PAL/NTSC conversion circuit, but some players in the same price range do.

Go into google, type in the name of the DVD player and then HACK, then press search. For instance

Sony AB-3 Hack

Someone somewhere will have the hack for it. It usually requires a weird keypress combination on the remote, and you can then play all types of DVDs. I’ve tried it myself on 2 DVD players - no problem on either.

My Canadian JVC XV-S502SL will apparently play and convert PAL discs on an NTSC TV… but the PAL discs have to be playable in Region 1.