Water restriction fine. How should I prepare for court?

I did wonder if that was something that I could do, but the officer told me I should get it fixed at a shop, and the invoice would get the charge dismissed.

I suppose an affidavit by a cop that the light is working should be enough as well, but I’m not quite chummy enough with cops that I was comfortable seeing if I could go that route.

You should always check every now and then. I’ve had acquaintances picked up on bench warrants for all sorts of silly stuff. They had no idea that there was anything out for them at all, till one day, a routine traffic stop turns into a night in jail, missed work, and an impounded car.

You’d easily be able to tell where it is by whether or not the water bill is commensurate with what it would be if you watered your lawn.

If not- i.e. your bill hasn’t changed much for years, then it’s likely on the city side of the meter (where the demarcation between their responsibility and yours), and not only should they rescind the fine, but they should come out and fix it.

In my city I am responsible from the shutoff out by the curb to the meter. City is responsible for the meter, then of course the I am responsible for the house.