We can't state opinions as fact?

No, I don’t “have a history,” and I’ve never trolled in my life. I don’t appreciate that accusation. It’s false, it’s offensive and guess what…it’s an opinion expressed as a fact.

(Eyore voice) They will anyway. :rolleyes::frowning:

Great post, however, and nice try, dude. :cool:


No, Dio, you’re not a troll. You’re… umm… well… err…Dio. The poster who likes to state opinion as fact. And, sometimes you do have facts (clearly you are well educated) and sometimes your opinions are wonderfully entertaining. But can’t see you they often cause hijacks?

The Mod was correct here, athough I do agree Twickster could have been a tad more forthcoming. Maybe “Let’s not get this thread into a hijack over Dio’s opinion here about this”.

Is this the proper forum to detail such a history? It would take me some time, but I would be happy to do it. It’s pretty damning, even over the last week alone.

And I would be surprised if anyone agreed with you that what I wrote was “an opinion expressed as a fact.” I think it was clearly just an opinion, with explanation as to how I arrived at that opinion.

This is the post that should have been moderated in that thread.

How about the one calling me a troll?

It was an opinion expressed as a fact, and it’s completely incorrect. No such history exists. I do not troll.

You have a board phenomenon named after you. When someone says, “oh great - it’s another episode of The Dio Show”, a large portion of this board’s population knows EXACTLY what that means. You may want to deny it, but you have a history on this board, and it’s not a good one.

Correction: You have TWO histories on this board as a poster - one is good, one is bad. The Dio Show does not paint you in a favorable light. And over the last year, it’s been nothing but fucking reruns.

Way too funny.

So if twick would have said, “We are not going to have another Dio hijack” instead, would everyone have been happy? Yes? Well now what we’ve established that…

Well I agree with it, except for the part about relieving you of some of the fault. You do “have a history,” regardless of whether or not you want to bullshit, and pretend like you’ve just stated your li’l ol’ opinion, when all the internet jerkos piled all on your innocent little shit. Even when people disregard you, you keep on posting furiously, and don’t let up. What’s worse is very frequently, as if you haven’t even read the thread, you seem to be psycho-posting to everything you see, and so many times we’ll see multiple Dio posts in a row, all in response to things written before your first of blitzkrieg postings. It’s like there’s smoke coming from your keyboard. So now we’re all blanketed in your walls of Dio-text, because, what, you couldn’t have finished the thread before you started posting out of your ass the minute you saw something? So yeah, people who respond to you are partially to blame, but you posting style is not easy to ignore.

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never blurted out a post, but Jesucristo, don’t give me any of this “I don’t have a history. I just post, then people can’t control themselves” nonsense. It’s bullshit.

I don’t have a history. The Dio show is a phenomenon of others, not me. I also don’t keep posting if others “disregard me.” The problem is that THEY can’t let something go. Every post of mine in those threads is a response to someone else. If I didn’t respond to them, I’d be attacked for running away.

And here we go again…

Your responses to Dio are a perfect illustration of what I’m talking about. You are playing into his hands. He acts obtuse. As though he has no idea why someone might say he has a history. This precipitates responses and wastes peoples time. Somehow many of you are unable to reconcile the notion that he is “really smart and well educated” with the fact that he can possibly act this obtuse in sincerity. You can’t have it both ways.

Dio, you have exactly such a history, and it’s getting worse. Such posts from you used to be background noise to your preponderance of interesting and even educational posts; now they’re becoming standard–the ratio has flipped.

While I disagree with the preemptive mod action in that thread, I completely understand the mod reasoning.

I, for one, would herald the return of the old Diogenes the Cynic.

What is the longest river in Egypt?

I do not have a history. I know perfectly well what my own thoughts, intentions and motivations are, and I have never once made a post simply to provoke a reaction or troll. I do not enjoy the pile ups. I just feel obliged to respond to them.

That’s not what your history is, that is not what The Dio Show is. There have been numerous Pit threads detailing you exactly what that history is, and there are a lot of reasoned, sincere discussions pleading with you to recognize what that history is.

You haven’t taken that to heart, as is your right. But the least you could do is to stop playing the fucking martyr.

If you qualify that with “in great detail never giving up an inch of ground even when it’s clear I might be wrong on a tiny little detail that has absolutely no bearing on the discussion but I will be publicly shamed if I even suggest I didn’t put forth a 100% factual argument”, THAT is the Dio Show.

This thread is rapidly getting dangerously ( or maybe amusingly ) meta-.

Then do me a favor. Next time you make one of your crazy, off-topic statements, just do so once, let it go, and don’t keep posting craziness to the thread until someone bites. Can you do that? Also, no more three posts in a row to a thread, as opposed to just saying what you needed to say in a single post. The Dio rabid-posts are inherently disruptive.

I know… I know. My new year’s resolution is to not get dragged in to this kind of BS.

And to floss twice daily.

Didn’t know you were a comedian too.

Yeah, stop that.