We can't state opinions as fact?

I have to confess: I don’t understand. Are all threads going to be subject to this policy, or is it only certain forums?

Generalizations about the topic under discussion are now discouraged–that’s how I’m reading it. Fair interpretation?

It seems fair enough to me. There are many posters that seem to require mods to don silly hats and type the word “tweet” and get all official up in your grill to make it clear just what’s happening. twickster just requires all opinions to be marked as such. Maybe opinions typed in orange font would be good?

Remember the Handy rule? He couldn’t give medical advice. Or the reeder rule? He couldn’t start threads about Bush more than once an hour. (Something like that.)

I propose the Dio rule! He must end all “factual statements” with a question mark.

There is no difference whatsoever. Your mod note was inane and capricious. This is obviously personal for you, and it’s not the first time you’ve singled me out for an asinine note about a non-violation. I can only think it’s personal, because the post you singled out was about as innocuous as it gets. If you’re going to make up this new rule, I want to see you enforce it universally. Go through and give a note to everybody who says “Madonna is talented,” or “Lady Ga Ga sucks” without adding an IMO.

I think that in threads where one members opinions are seriously derailing the thread (which I don’t think was happening in the thread in question, nor do I think this is a trait exclusive to threads Dio posts in) it would be helpful for a mod to step in and say “okay let’s get back on topic” or “let’s move on” if it gets too heated, or something like that. Often it is not the sole fault of the initial opinion-giver but also everybody else who carries on the tangent needlessly for several pages. Issuing a mod note to one person about a rule that doesn’t exist is surely asking for trouble and confusion?

By the way, it was stated as a fact in that thread that Cyndi Lauper wasn’t interested in stardom. Why didn’t that get a note?

Since its Christmas and its snowing, I will do everybody a favour here.

You see, we could go round and round, typing a load of rubbish about intentions, and what Mods should do, and what posters should do, blah blah blah, with nobody being honest enough to actually say what is happening. So here you are.

  • Twickster thought she seen an episode of the Dio show about to break loose, and taking her cue from all those pit threads, decided to see if she could head it off at the pass.

  • The usual suspects gleefully grabbed the opportunity to take potshots at a mod in ATMB.

  • The mods barely restrain their desire to tell certain people to just fuck off already.

There you are, thats whats happening. Now you all dont need to write all that bullshit you were thinking of typing, we can all go out and rape snowbabies or something.

Well, Twixi, here it is up on a tee. If these aren’t opinions stated as facts, I don’t know what are. You know what you have to do. We’re all waiting.

As somebody who generally agrees with your posts (and has no strong opinions about the music of either Madonna or Cyndi Lauper), do you really have no idea what twickster is talking about here? Have you never noticed that your participation in a thread often precipitates long, drawn out hijacks like “keyboards aren’t rock?” Hijacks that are not particularly enjoyable for anybody and that most of the time stem from blanket statements you make? twickster was trying to avoid one of those. It takes two to tango and people are frequently over-eager to engage you in tangents like this, so not all of the blame belongs at your feet, but comments like “all performers want to be famous” are often the beginning of the kind of frustrating hijack she was trying to head off. That’s essentially the issue here. The thread was supposed to be about Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, and if past history is any guide, it was on its way to turning into a debate about whether or not all performers want to become famous (not doubt with some other detours along the way).

Well, you are. Of course.

The problem, Dio, is that you have a very clear history. When others make a seemingly jejune blanket statement (and are not just fooling around), then when they are called on it they usually will explain their position in more detail. You, on the other hand, will continue to make facile blanket statements in response, presenting them as fact, without hardly a word of explanation. You continue to offer just enough to poke the ant hill. You do this over and over again in thread after thread. This is trolling, and it is fair for a moderator to take that into account when determining whether to give the benefit of the doubt to a post that might derail a thread’s discussion.

ETA: Seriously guys, you really don’t see how Dio’s posts constitute the oeuvre of a prototypical troll? Really? I’m not advocating that he be banned because I find it often extremely entertaining. But… really???

Careful there, bub. You’re awfully close to getting a Mod note for impersonating a gay former vice president’s college RA. That kind of thing just ain’t looked upon kindly 'round these parts.

I’d be offended if I knew what you were on about.

I don’t agree with a word of this. The so-called “Dio show” is just me getting piled on by others. I don’t precipitate it. Others do. I said nothing disruptive in that thread, broke no rules, did nothing that other people don’t do constantly and were doing in the same thread. There was an accusation of trolling made against me in that same thread (outside of the Pit) which was ignored by this same moderator in order to give me a note for absolutrely nothing. I don’t have any gripe against you, b]Marley**, but Twix has, for some reason, taken it upon herself lately to start issuing notes to me for contrived reasons that don’t involve rules violations and which I believe are motivated puirely by personal animosity (or perhaps an attempt to ingratiate herself to those who think it’s really clever to yell Dio show" every time I exptress any kind of opinion about anything at all).

Dio ACTUALLY got warned for a change?

Jesus, the second coming actually might be near after all!

No, I don’t “have a history,” and I’ve never trolled in my life. I don’t appreciate that accusation. It’s false, it’s offensive and guess what…it’s an opinion expressed as a fact.

(Eyore voice) They will anyway. :rolleyes::frowning:

Great post, however, and nice try, dude. :cool:


No, Dio, you’re not a troll. You’re… umm… well… err…Dio. The poster who likes to state opinion as fact. And, sometimes you do have facts (clearly you are well educated) and sometimes your opinions are wonderfully entertaining. But can’t see you they often cause hijacks?

The Mod was correct here, athough I do agree Twickster could have been a tad more forthcoming. Maybe “Let’s not get this thread into a hijack over Dio’s opinion here about this”.

Is this the proper forum to detail such a history? It would take me some time, but I would be happy to do it. It’s pretty damning, even over the last week alone.

And I would be surprised if anyone agreed with you that what I wrote was “an opinion expressed as a fact.” I think it was clearly just an opinion, with explanation as to how I arrived at that opinion.