We have a winner for the title of West Virginia's dumbest lawyer

Nah, save it for the stupid ones. Why cheapen a good thing? :grinning:

So, we should link to it every time UV posts, then? Because “non-stupid UV post“ is an oxymoron.

Dude’s a freaking idiot. I still want to get to WV to hear our own William Jennings Moron try to convince a judge that a drug bust should be thrown out because his drug dealer client told the informant that he didn’t allow snitches in his house.

And I hope he starts using the women’s room at work just so he can get fired in order to test the recent Supreme Court decision.


Not “waives”

You don’t know his marital situation.

No, but I can just imagine.

LHOD destroys UV:

Could somebody explain to me what the fuck a “cleanosexual” is? Is that like a metrosexual?

It has already been posted in this thread, but I’ll post it again because any paraphrase sounds like a ridiculous exaggeration.

Someone is agitating for appliance marriage?


Wow. Didn’t realize somebody could pass the bar without understanding the concept of consent.

It is a giant “FUCK YOU!” to all those that aren’t heterosexual by equating them with someone who would marry a washing machine.

Not sure if it’s really fixable. If the feature can be turned off, it almost certainly can only be turned off globally, not just for links from the Pit. And in general, it seems like a useful system feature – “someone has linked to, and presumably made comments about, this post in another thread”. The way it’s worked out here is something of a humorous unintended consequence.

We could always do that before (“you have been pitted [linky]”) but what the new system does is the other way around – if you link to a stupid post from this thread, then the system automatically adds a link at the end of said stupid post, conveniently entitled “We have a winner for the title of West Virginia’s dumbest lawyer” at the end of the post. I don’t particularly want to sound mean, but when you see this automatically appended at the end of one of UV’s more brilliant posts, like the one about legalizing same-sex marriage being equivalent to a woman marrying a washing machine, the effect is quite wonderful – it’s like the system, possessed of a fairly rudimentary AI, is making an editorial comment to distance itself from the stupidity it is contractually obliged to send to your screen.

Or the stupid post about how a Wisconsin resident helping elect someone in Illinois is exactly equivalent to Russian election meddling. Back in 2008 I really wanted an Obama campaign hat but wasn’t allowed to buy one because it would have constituted a campaign contribution by a non-American and was against federal law. But Russians wreaking havoc with US presidential elections is apparently just fine. Perhaps I misunderstand Wisconsin. It may be that Wisconsin is plotting to become a global superpower and assert its global hegemony by undermining western democracies. But AFAIK Wisconsin is mainly plotting to make cheese, and, in the Scott Walker era at least, undermine only its own democracy.

Oh my God. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on the internet and I read the comments on my newspaper’s website for fun.

Well, I got a warning in the Bubba Wallace thread. Shithead gets to troll his racism but calling him on it is a problem. Oh well. On the plus side it got me to figure out the ignore feature.

Has Urbanredneck been posting lately? There’s a pit thread with the title, “Urbanredneck: trifecta of ignorance”.

Just sayin’.

Being the proud creator of that particular pitting, the thought has occurred. :smiling_imp:

It might be worth not ignoring him just so you can continue to see his new unofficial signature tag as it follows him around the board.

“Can’t I admire the balls it took to betray the country for the right to own humans?”

People are STILL making that kind of dumbass argument? Jesus Christ, get something new, that’s so over-used it’s not even funny.

Urban Redneck is most likely still trying to figure out how to get to the new site. Another genius I haven’t seen lately is aceplace.

Someone just signed up and posted as urbanredneck2.