Wednesday's Child is full of Woe. But I'm looking forward to new Wednesday series. Addams Family spinoff [Open Spoilers as of 2022-12-07]

I am concerned about Tim Burton’s history of " thinking tales about underdogs and weirdos are stories for and about white people", and am also hoping this doesn’t suck.

The biggest surprise to me is Catherine Zeta Jones as Morticia. She’s not my first thought when I think of “funny ladies”. Also, for the first time she doesn’t look very pretty.

I understand she’s too short, but when this project was first announced and before any casting, I thought Christina Ricci would make a good Morticia. She actually looks like Carolyn Jones as Morticia.

Morticia looks exactly like Carolyn Jones. John Astin didn’t work well as Gomez, the rest weren’t bad. I’d like to see the older Wednesday show the same kind of detachment as her TV version. Hard to tell the more important aspects of the show from the teaser, like what happens to fill the time between those scenes. Are we going to get a lot of monologue from Weddy? Who’s her clueless and obedient bestie? Most important, is there going to be character development, are we going to see Wednesday learn from her experiences and become a better person? I sure hope not.

Sorry. Killing a bunch of kids does not look “good” to me. And she’d be facing criminal charges, not just expelled.

That scene was a bad idea . The idea looks okay, otherwise.

Are you not familiar with the Addams Family?

I’m sure I’ll check it out, but the trailer makes it look like the majority of the show will take place at some sort of Addams Family version of Hogwarts. The driver of Addams Family stories across comics, TV and movies has always been the clash between the family and the normies.

I did wonder why they ever bothered with Nancy Reagan High, and didn’t just send her to Creepy Hogwarts from the beginning.

Of course. In which Episode or film did they kill kids? Scared them a lot, sure. Maybe one in Camp?

Technically the trailer implied she maimed one, not killed.

Still very severe but kind of in line with second movie Wednesday.

LOL. Wut?

I don’t think this show is going for realism. It a dark comedy. You know how those work; right?

One of their signature gags is pouring boiling oil on carolers.

Or, as the Beloved said when I showed her the trailer, Frankenfingers!

Which was also recreated in the first movie.

The second, actually.

But people being burned is not shown is it? It is left up to the imagination- maybe they are (likely)- maybe it is a scary gag (which the Addams also liked) who knows?

Oops. I shall go and play with Kitty Kat as penance.

More precisely, it implied that at least one got his dick bit off.

In general, the Addams Family has shied away from showing gore. The gags usually show incipient violence, and then the camera slyly slides away–or else the violence is like cartoon explosions/electrocutions, full of charcoal smudges on the face and hair standing on ends and people bugging out their eyes. The moment in the trailer at 0:53, when the bully is screaming in agony with blood boiling in the water around him, is a little more Game of Thrones than I’m used to the Addams Family being.