Wednesday's Child is full of Woe. But I'm looking forward to new Wednesday series. Addams Family spinoff [Please user spoiler tags until December 7]

His balls, if her statement about procreation is to have any teeth.

Thus far the show is awesome. 3 episodes in.

I thought I universally despised teenage paranormal romance, but one episode in and I’m really digging this.

I binged it this morning. Loved it!

It’s horrible - I love it! So many sly references and inside jokes that it goes by so fast, plus the awesome cast; Jenna Ortega really stands out. When I first saw that it was coming I thought it was going to be awful like that disaster The Munsters but I really like it.

Watched the first two so far. I’m getting a Veronica Mars at Hogwarts vibe.

Glad to see it getting good reviews here. Haven’t watched yet, but was planning to, and was concerned that it got absolutely trashed on the AVClub:

Rob Zombie’s attempt at comedy was by far more gruesome and terrifying than anything he’s ever done.

Finished. It could have been much worse. It could have been much better.

Just watched the first episode. So far I like it. I think Jenna Ortega is doing a great job maintaining the character Christina Ricci did such an iconic job creating while also modernizing it without going overboard. I like Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, however, Luis Guzman doesn’t feel right as Gomez. He’s not nearly suave enough.

I didn’t realize (or didn’t remember) that Tim Burton was involved until I looked it up after noticing how similar the opening scenes felt to Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I also noticed the monster near the end looked very similar to the snake in Beetlejuice.

Also, unrelated (I assume) to anything else, at the very end I noticed a Nixie clock on her desk.

I thought he nailed it. (Morticia is the only one who thinks he’s suave .)

I loved her vintage German (Austrian? Romanian?? Did anyone get a good look?) typewriter she was using to type a novel in English.

I loved it. I finally got the last 2 episodes in tonight.


I knew it was Tyler, but I thought it was the Doctor. Good misdirection with the flowers.

I’m a bit shocked Weems is dead, that I didn’t expect.

I did not like Fester, a very poor choice in casting and as always he just played the character as Fred Armiston. Blech.

When they don’t bother to get the skin tone right…

Huh. Even the cover on the left of the first link gives everyone a different skin tone than Herman on the opening frame. It goes from bluish green to lime green.

I could understand having the color be different, but surely you can be consistent in your own work.

Please move Munster talk to its own thread.

I noticed at the time that it had a qwertz keyboard.

Binged it this weekend and really liked it. Loved the *snap, snap* when it finally made an appearance! In part because you could see it coming!

Watched it over the long Thanksgiving weekend, with pauses inbetween.

Loved every minute of it. Great dark humor, great treatment of the material, wonderful acting, and Tim Burton at his prime. I highly recommend it.

They also got in a “You rang?”.


“You’re kind of kooky, aren’t you?”

…I prefer ‘spooky’