Wednesday's Child is full of Woe. But I'm looking forward to new Wednesday series. Addams Family spinoff

The show is in production and the cast is amazing.

Tim Burton is the showrunner.
Jenna Ortega is starring as a college age Wednesday.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Luis Guzman as Morticia and Gomez.

Christina Ricci & Riki Lindhome are also in the cast.

It is as good as Adult Wednesday Addams?:


Not worth watching otherwise.

Thanks. That is a real treat.

There’s also a season 2 on YouTube.

After which, the creator got a cease and desist letter from the owners of The Addams Family copyright and had to stop. Wonder how Adult Wednesday Addams would handle corporate entertainment lawyers?

“Have you met my attorney? Her name is Menhit, often known as ‘She Who Massacres’ by the ancient Egyptians. What was your complaint again?”


Lucky forward to Season 3 of the freshly rechristened Grown Up Midweek Adams.

Good one :smile:

I’m sure their souls weigh much more than a feather.

Apparently she will be a High School sleuth not college sleuth.

They couldn’t find a fat kid to play Pugsley?

Finally a trailer for Wednesday:

Looks pretty good.

I’m in!

Finally, a Gomez that looks like Gomez.

Which is proving incredibly controversial. Hopefully, Luis Guzman has thick skin.

Lotta people’s only understanding of the Addams Family comes from the 90s movies with the suave and handsome Raul Julia.

I’m surprised, it will take some getting used to but in the comics and most of the animated versions Guzman is the closest in looks of the Gomezes.

John Astin was amazing as Gomez, but didn’t actually look the role.

Loving Thing.

Thanks! She seems more emotional than Christina Ricci’s coolly detached Wednesday from the films. To me, Ms. Ricci was the ultimate Wednesday. That said, this looks like it some of the same feel as the recent Sabrina the Teenage Witch revival on Netflix (the Chiiling Adventures of Sabrina), which I rather liked but that was cancelled prematurely. If Tim Burton is on board, I’ll give this a watch.

That. I instantly disliked this new upstart “Wednesday.” But I’ll get over it and give her a shot.

So far:
I like original Morticia & Gomez better.
I think Fester is pretty even between original TV Show and Movie.
Christina Ricci is the definitive Wednesday and was the star of the second movie in my opinion. She out acted the adults and had the more compelling and fun storyline.
Pugsly just never seems to matter.
I like the Original Grandmama (Blosson Rock) and Carol Kane’s in the 2nd movie. In fact if they can sneak in Grandmama, I would love it if Carol Kane could do it.
Ted Cassidy is the definitive Lurch.

I am definitely getting a strong Chilling Adventures of Sabrina vibe and based on the Teaser have described it that way.

Agreed on all points though I think the film Morticia and Gomez were also excellent. I’ve never really noticed Pugsley’s irrelevance but you are right.

I wonder if Carol Kane is up to reprising Grandmama?