Welcome back to Paragon City - how to play the revived City of Heroes

Thanks for the updates. :slight_smile:

Go ahead and auction off the Halloween salvage (or use it yourself, if you have need of it). It was only there because I was transferring it from one character to another, and thought I needed 10 of each to buy a new costume slot, but it turned out I only needed 1 of each. I don’t think it’s expensive enough or in-demand enough to bother storing.

I’ve had to engage in some foolery to make the techy invention table and merit vendor look less out of place.

The invention table surface now appears to be sitting atop a stone pedestal. Alas, hiding the computer tower and monitor with other objects seems to be beyond my current skill level.

For the merit vending machine, I’ve put some special effects on it and declared that it actually exists outside of the base. But via a strange mystic portal, we can access it remotely. I’m imagining pedestrians near the actual machine witnessing our disembodied hands operating it.