Well, FUCK [back problems]

If it helps - it probably won’t - my uncle had fusion surgery on two discs, and it cured him. So he talked my mom into it, she had two discs fused, and it cured her. (She felt so great that my dad took her to Mexico, where she went body surfing, and a wave smashed her into the shore and wracked up her shoulder, and now her shoulder hurts as much as her back did.)

But her back is fine.

When I went to the neurosurgeon for a surgical eval, he said fusions don’t usually fix the type of problem my uncle, mom, and I, have. :rolleyes:

Still, all the sympathy in the world. Bad backs are awful - you can’t get comfortable no matter what.

Physical therapy is what they always give me when I have a flare-up, and it does help me get over the episode.

Prayers for your healing.


The neurosurgeon took one look at the MRI and said “I can do the surgery Monday.” (I wish–the secretary in the front office said, “I wish he wouldn’t say things like that, he has no clue about his schedue.”) But still–the point was made.

He tested my reflexes when he examined me, and I was surprised that the Achilles reflex was completely gone in the left leg, and the knee reflex was diminished in that same leg. Even more surprising–and alarming–was that the same reflexes were diminished (albeit a smaller degree) in the RIGHT leg. Yikes.

And he’s the 115th doctor to say, “You’re pretty young for this.” (I’m 34.) He also said that since I’m thin (I could kiss him for that) and young, this surgery has a high probability of success. The fact we’re acting so soon after the symptoms reappeared also adds to the success rate.

The pain has grown to where I can no longer stand or walk for more than a few minutes. I am pretty much bed-bound. Fun for all.

Hopefully the surgery will come before the holidays–otherwise I’ll be back here with more to bitch about.


Very sorry about your back, Ruffian, that sucks.

FWIW, I herniated the same disk (L4?) three times, and I recovered sans surgery. Last time was about 10 years ago. Although I’m awful careful about straining myself, and I really really don’t want to go through that again.

Well, you know that saying about carpenters and problems and nails. Not that he’s wrong. Do what you need to do, especially if you’re suffering.

Good luck!!!

Ruffian, I won’t share Ivylad’s experiences, because that will only depress you. All I can say is tons of hugs and I hope everything works out.

I’m sending you healing thoughts, Ruffian. Hang in there.